A year and a half ago, I moved into my house. It's exact age is unknown, however, it is estimated to be built between 1780-1820, and the newest section in 1848. All is original. The town I live in is very small (pop. 200), the house has quite a reputation for hauntings as well as it's history. I was okay with it, as the other side doesn't scare me at all. I have always embraced the other side-spirits. The sightings were immediate-and reported by people that were skeptics. Just doors opening and closing by themselves, lights flickering on and off, and in one occasion, a person I didn't care much for (and verbalized my feelings about him before he came to our house) stayed with the intention of staying overnight, left at around 3 am as he said he awoke with a man standing over him glaring at him. He refused to come back to get his belongings. I have experianced things as well. However, always embraced them, thanked them for their pressence and when something would happen like a door opening or closing or the lights flickering, I would acknowledge them with kindness and respect.


My oldest daughter, didn't really believe. So she would provoke them sarcastically despite the fact that I warned her not too. Since then, events surrounding her are getting worse and worse. At first the pictures in her room would be knocked off the walls, doors slam (all in her room only), scratching ON (not IN) the walls, to now she will wake up in the middle of the night to a pressence standing over her and the last three events, she has woken to have scratches on her back. Her boyfriend is scared to death to stay in this house as he has experianced the same things to him, although he has never, to my knowledge, provoked them. He has felt someone place a hand on his shoulder and when he has turned around no one is there. I have expressed to her my discontent many times not to provoke them, and now she is regretting it, because she feels like she is being attacked. Since she has been away on vacation, there has been no episodes in her room.


My youngest daughter recently went down some hard roads in life, I was quite angry with her for her bad choices. She has always been like me with the spirits or ghosts that live with us. But ever since I became angry with her, she has woken up several times to find a black oily substance dripping out of her ceiling onto her bed and face. A very thorough inspection of the attic right over her bed reveals no cause whatsoever (her ceiling is the attic floor as our beams in the house are all open beams).


I have always asked the ghosts of our house to watch over the house while we are gone. I believe a happy ghost is one that is respected and given a job to do-they are sensitive, so the fact that this might have been their home previously, must be respected. I talk to them often, I feel that they are extremely protective of me. However, if that protection is just getting out of control or something else, I am not sure.


One room in my house, I have set up as my Craft room. This is where I keep all my items related to my Craft as well as any herbs I use. This room has always been known to be the site of extreme activity. However, since I set this up as my Craft room, it is brighter and there is no activity in there except every once in a while when I hang herbs to dry from the beams, I will occasionally find them on the floor (they are hooked in tight to the beams, so it's very difficult for them to fall easily). But never is my hanging penticles, pentagrams, etc. ever, ever touched which hangs just on a nail.


If I am upset with someone or don't like someone, if they enter the house, I have noticed that they are attacked in some way, shape or form-the ghosts do NOT want them there, period.


I have begun to burn white sage in each room of the house, and explained to them, if someone is welcome in my home, they must not attack them-period. Regardless, the attacks are NOT welcome on my daughters-PERIOD. And if they could NOT respect my rules, they would would not be welcomed to stay-PERIOD.


My questions are what can be effective in repelling negative energy in each of the rooms in my house (garlic wreaths, etc)? Do you think a cleansing ritual is needed? How far do you think I should take this to calm things down-meaning should I expel them completely (I do like them being around, but don't like at all the negative things they are doing) or just continue to burn white sage? What are you feelings on this? I don't understand why I have never ever been attacked (except for once-I was painting my Craft room and I heard footsteps come into the room and the light fixture I was painting near exploded in my face a few seconds later, I did apologize to them that I forgot to tell them that I would be painting this room but I wasn't going to change it from it's original decor-after that I never had another episode like this) or why they seem so possessive of me, if you will. I have seen them many times, but it was always in a positive manner. Every time they have appeared to anyone else it's always negative. Any insights/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If they bother you do the banishing rituals of the pentagram and hexagram. This will bring balance and will allow you to begin to control what they do. If you do them everyday for a month it will clear away any unwanted spirits. There many ways, also the rose cross ritual from the golden dawn is a good protection rite.

Hi, my oldest still gets scratched from time to time and every once in a while she still hears noises, like walking in the attic over her bedroom, but that was a one time occurrence and for the most part the noises have stopped. The dripping of the unknown substance from the ceiling has stopped as well.


Interestingly enough, however, the other night I was in my Craft room, where I do some of my rituals and keeps all my herbs, when I was staring into the window, just thinking. When a woman in Victorian white dress with her hair up in a bun walked from one end of the room to the other behind me. I saw her clear as day and she was looking straight ahead, not at me. I saw her in the reflection in the window and she was absolutely beautiful. When I mentioned this to someone familar with the house's history and is a reliable source of information, he very matter of a factly stated "That was Sarah, Frank's wife." as simply as if he said "yes it rained yesterday." Which leads me to believe that he himself has seen her before.


So far I have burned sage and frankincense in the house. I also went to through each room cleansing the house as well as I verbally took back my house. That was about 2 months ago. The aura seems a bit lighter (I don't know how to explain it) but not as light as when I first did it.


Any suggestions will help....thank you! Blessed Be!!!

Oh and one last thing, my oldest daughter keeps having a reoccurring dream, she wakes up and it is really hot in the house. She opens my bedroom door because she smells smoke and my bedroom is completely empty of any furniture. In the place where my bed is currently sits a little girl in old fashioned dress sitting on the floor screaming. She has long brown hair and is maybe 6 or 7 years old. The walls in the room were on fire and the ceiling is completely black. The floor was beginning to bow. She throws the girl out the second story window onto the porch roof to safety. She wakes up after that. Every time right after this dream but once, she has heard footsteps or scratching or seen shadows on the wall, door opening, slamming pictures off the wall, etc.


Factual history from evidence in the house, the house did have a fire right above my bedroom in the attic. The charred remains of this fire (one carrying beam remains that was damaged) can be seen in the attic as the results of a chimney fire (I am a firefighter). I also can't tell you when this fire occurred or the amount of damage to the house as I am sure much of it has been replaced or if there was any fatalities as a result of this fire. But I have heard children laughing and playing in the house and I did find a woman's boot just below the place of the fire in the eaves in the attic. Ironically enough, I have a picture of the very spot in my bedroom where she is talking about. No evidence has ever been found that there was a fire in this room. Also the door the the left of my bed in the picture is the door to her room and the same one in her dream. Blessed be! Thanks!

No, this is great. Thank you. I can not tolerate them hurting my children, no matter what has happened. If they can't forgive, then is that a spirit I really want around? No.


I woke up about 3am this morning to the sound of footsteps in the attic. I didn't realize just how active my house was until early this morning-I mean yes I have a very active house but this was really active. There was energy everywhere. And then there was this negative energy. It didn't move, it just stayed right there at my bed, it's presence looming over me. Like it was showing me in a n evil sinister way that there was alot of energy there. It scared the crap right out of me-my first time ever being scared in my house.


I think I am going to do some research. Perhaps I need another cleansing but much stronger this time.

Okay, agreed. Do you have any banishing rituals? Can you steer me in the direction of the appropriate banishing rituals for this?
WHY? Why banish them if one is fine with them coexisting? Unless there is  a danger or irrational fear,.I believe in working with the spirits,some are and can be very protective ,aiding and helpful. As far as the negative energies,mayhaps,again see if you can find out the WHYS. to banish or/and cleanse the area where the not wanted energies occurs,I'd use Sage,Cedar or dragons blood,also gfoing around ALL entrances to the room,window,door,heating,air vents and asking FIRST politely for it/them to loeave,if thay doesnt work,then more sternly......
 A flesh and blood person in YOUR home hassling you,can get their asses kicked out pretty easy......not so easy with the spiritual guests,indeed.LOL.these things must be done "delicately"

Thank you...this totally makes sense to me. And yes, it is always the same herb being pulled down-feverfew. Which is used for protection and breaking hexes.


I never thought about the boot in the attic as being a binding to that person's spirit. Yes it makes a lot of sense! Makes me wonder why someone would have been forcibly bound to this house.


I want those to stay-but on their own free will. Not because they are bound. That is no life to live-spirit, soul or a living being. I am going to give the choice for those who can respect my wishes of "harm none" to stay, the negative one that I saw early this morning needs to go. Period. I also sense it may be very reluctant to do so and that is where I will need to be strong and unyielding.


My only question is, when I cast my circle, I assume I take it down to cast the next one. Is this correct?


And yes you are correct. This situation has gone past my comfort level. The fear I experienced early this morning was far beyond anything I ever experienced before. And my house, today, I have noticed has been very dark and the air is heavy. I am not the only one that noticed it. My company today didn't stay for as long as planned, stating they felt "uncomfortable" here; they do not know of last night's events that occurred.

Wow  when yu going to put up pictures :)
Hi Angji, well there is one up, but I am going to take some more tomorrow and put them up.
This is a very interesting situation you have here, you might resemble someone they remember from their life. Maybe if you keep laying down the rules with them and keep giving them stuff to do they might ease up other then that I'm not sure what to do.
"laying down the rules with them." Aye,one can TELL spirits anythng,however treating them with respect,asking and trying to find out the WHYS they are here is a grande idea,in my experience....many spirits simply are still attached to a place and choose to stay where they are "at home":....


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