I am currently looking for a mentor of sorts, someone I can study under and learn from. I currently live in the NE Pennsylvania region and will be moving to Michigan in a few months. I would like a mentor I can meet, and learn from in person. If you are looking for a pupil, please contact me by my paganspace or e-mail (balladXofXaXlostXsoul@hotmail.com) I learn quickly and am very determined with a strong mind and will and wish to learn under a strong spirit and to be pushed to the limits.


Thank you for your time


~The Wolf

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Blessings Wolf

What flavor of mentor are you seeking? Now that I am back to work, I will be starting a working group, but have learned that such groups have a life cycle of their own. My practice is primarily Mystic with heavy Egyptian and Qabalistic/Thelemic elements, however I have also been a member of an eclectic coven and Secretary, then President of a Michigan Pagan Nonprofit organization that is very inclusive.


When will you be relocating to Michigan? and do you know the part of Michigan you will be relocating to?


Feel free to reply via Paganshpace or directly to 7th.pillar@priest.com



Shadow Priest

Preferably someone who will be an equal, and want to share their knowledge, learn from me, and explore new directions together with a strongly open mind.

I am looking to relocate to ann arbor area in the spring =]


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