do you all know  where i can find charges of  the  goddess?

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The Charge of the Goddess was found in the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and is attributed to Doreen Valiente. Over the years the Charge has been adapted and there are now several versions. On this page you will find the Gardnerian version as well as a few others eg Starhawk, Stewart Farrar, Silver RavenWolf, Charles Leland.
thank you that was very helpful
     Thank you for asking this question, I have been looking for this a long.time, I must be buying the wrong books. I read this and it hit me so strong. I wonder if I need a witch school, I have been reading books for 30 years but I need a teacher. I am leary of asking questions for fear of sounding stupid. I want to practice. You can only read so much and nobody says the same thing in the books. Any ideas. ???? I would welcome sugestions.  Blessed Be

anyone knows of a good spell to get rid of this dang cold.  I have had this thing since last Friday and no matter what I take it will not go away. Thank you

Wolfena the best advice I can give you is to do what feels right to you. You say you've read books. Do any of them contain things that make sense to you? Or things that make no sense at all? Do what feels right to YOU. and please don't feel stupid. Ask your questions and the majority of people in groups will answer you in a respectful way. The main boards are another story. But ya know what? Ask it anyway. A few will be assholes and tell you to read the archives or some other rude answer but screw em. The majority of folks will answer.

I'm very eclectic in my practice. A school or a "teacher" is far too regime ted for me. I figure if I wanted things to be one way and one way, I'd still be in a xtian church. But that's just howl I think about it. Do what works For YOU!!!


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