Ah, the joys of finally being able to get back to things and have a normal life OFF the road! :)

Ok, I haven't eaten ANY fast food since May 24th, 2013...and the results speak for themselves. I have gone down two pant sizes, which is great after you deal with your pants falling off lol.


No McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Del Taco, KFC, Popye's, Burgerville, Taco Del Mar (though by far the healthiest), Subway, Quizno's, Dominoes, Pizza Hut Taco Time, Arby's, Carl Junior's, Hardees, In & Out Burger, Panda Express, Sonic, A & W or any other fast food. My money will no longer leave my pocket and develop a left over substance on my waist line. :)


I thought it would be hard, but after a week I lost ALL cravings for those types of food and have been eating much better, at home for the most part. I do indulge with the wife from time to time and go out for a good meal, but NOT fast food. I was a slave to bad eating choices with these places, and now I've taken my life back.


I've also incorporated juicing fruits and vegetables into icy drinks or shakes too. I do have "regular" food at home too, but I can control what it is and HOW it's prepared. I'm loving my new start on a healthy life and encourage others to try it. Yes, you will have withdrawals from the fast food and the things they put in the food to make your body crave them, but if you persevere, you will SEE results and feel more energetic and alive.




-David Darkfire-


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UPDATE- Today I feel great! Still losing weight and staying off fast food. I won't pretend that that's it's been easy thing to do, but it has been a healthy thing to do. Now, as I enter my next "phase" of nutrition and well being, I've decided for both health and animal cruelty reasons, to give up red meat altogether.

I also found a GREAT site called You should check out it out, as well as her YouTube videos for Freelee the Banana Girl. Inspirational to say the least.


-David Darkfire-


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