In a series of experiments done by Rhine Institute researcher Helmut Schmidt, a printer attached to an unpredictable random number generator produced a set of numbers, which an assistant sealed in an envelope without reviewing. After an extended period, a test subject would attempt to influence the contents of the list, and then open the envelope and compare the contents to the desired result. Several subjects were able to produce results above chance (Schmidt). Schmidt interpreted this as evidence of retro-PK.

However, there are two other possible interpretations of this result. The first of these is that that subject rather than changing the results used retro cognition to divine the results and used that knowledge when choosing which end to try and produce. The second is that sealing the piece of paper away without review produced a Schrödinger boxing of the event so that it was indeterminate until the envelope was opened and thus open to PK or Thaumaturgic influence.

While a distinguished but elderly scientist[1] will state that macro scale Schrödinger boxing is impossible, we should keep in mind that if such were the case, Quantum computing would be impossible. Therefore, we have to consider that Schrödinger boxing is not only possible, but I think is the probable solution to Schmidt’s experiment rather than retro-PK.

Which implies that when we shuffle a deck of Tarot cards without looking at the faces, we are putting the deck into a state of macro superposition where is susceptible to manipulation by the ambient Intent (Thaumaturgic) or consciousness field including our own Intentions. Thus, the Tarot deck is operating as a low-cost Quantum Computer, and Quantum computers when fully functional may suffer interference from the conscious focus of their human users.



Schmidt, Helmut. "PK Tests with Pre-Recorded and Pre-Inspected Seed Numbers." Journal of Parapsychology June 1981. Print. 30 01 2018. a href="">>;.

[1] See: Arthur C Clarke’s First law

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So, how much are you paying for this experiment? You are looking for influence, yes?

Well, the experiments are already done and proven by scientists more capable than I. I will be sticking to my Tarot deck so I'm not endangering any kitties (i.e. Schrödinger's Cat). I follow the Ultharian principle that no cat should come to harm. :) However, there is a bit of mad science in the idea that sortilege is a near cousin to quantum super-position, and could, in theory, provide answers unobtainable by calculation. Perhaps you don't need a million dollar quantum computer to unlock the secrets of the universe. You just need to shuffle your cards well.


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