Anybody picked up a copy of Graham Hancock's new book "Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilization"?

I have a copy and it looks interesting.

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I know some of what Graham states is pseudo-archeology. Some archeologists run away when they see him coming. He can have a damaging effect on a reputable scholar. But he also presents data from reputable sources. He questions what many scholars are afraid to question. He makes one ponder the possibilities of alternative answers. I'm enjoying the book so far.

Thanks for the counterpoints. :)

Thank you so much for the interesting information and images. For some strange reason the images bring to my mind the thought of an explosion. My mind is not to be trusted though.

I have some info I can add to this with the ancient code I work with...

If you are interested , Enigma , and I figure Who would be ,

let me know and I shall add it today or tomorrow...;)

Please do Shawn, you always post something thought provoking when you are serious.

Lol...thanks , Enigma...;)

Ok , so I have been working with this code for 23 years now...( over that , actually ) ;

Many years ago , I added things about what Hancock , and other's were putting forth

as theories , and of course was looking into Temple , Sitchin and others...

So , on his website , there are others who in 2014 , wrote about an ancient language ;

I am stating the one they are looking for is this code , that contains the answers all

these folks , including Hancock , are looking for , as it is not just the language of this

dimension , yet others...what some have called the key to the "alien technology"...

Two of our symbols , Ur and Seal ( today called Uruz and Sowilo ) fit together , make

the shape Carl Sagan shows on the side of one of the pages of Cosmos , as the shape

of Ursa Major as seen here from page 197 of the hardbound edition published 1980 ;

Here are the Runes I am speaking of , and by combined possibilities of meaning

can mean "navigation" , and would be pronounced Urseal ; ( later , much later , Ursa )

Image result for Runes

( look for Uruz and Sowilu , on this chart )

Invert Uruz , connect Sowilu , stretch them out...

Now they add to 66 , by number value of our Code ;

And as 66 , is the sum of one to eleven , inclusive ( 1 + 2 + 3 + etc... )

we have a dual eleven arrangement , with seven central pairs , that

equal 692 , by number value ;

692 = Time Travel

692 = Pantheon Of Gods

692 = Powers That Be

Among many other things...

The remaining four pairs equal 803 ;

For now , I shall just say :

802 = Eleven Dimensional Existence

802 = A∴A∴

802 = A Wrinkle In Time

Now , we also have an arrangement of a dual eight set of Runes :

They have a value of 994 ;

Yet , I can place a straight line Rune , known as "Is / Isa" next to each ,

which can mean "Ice" , and has a value of 7 ( seven ) , thus we attain

a 16 x 7 formula = 112 ;

Let us break this down into two smaller numbers ;

Ice = 67

Age = 44

= 111

And the Rune for Regeneration , or Ancestral Memory , equals 1 ( one ) ,

thus a total value of 112 ;

Now that could be coincidence , as could the shape of the Dipper and the

Runes linkage , yet , let us check one more thing in combination with this

theory of Hancock's...

When we take a single "Is / Isa" Rune at the top of each column of eight ,

we attain 14 value ( 7 + 7 ) + 994 = 1008 ;

This is another of our common arrangements , adding to many things I

have posted on this site and others ;

1009 = I Am Stone From Space + Destruction

1009 = Magnetic Human Bio Computer Memory All Lost


There is much more I could go into...but I am currently getting ready

to start being a consultant for a group that will be filming ancient sites ,

and looking into mysterious places , similar to Ancient Aliens , and other

programs...then it will be easier , as there will be videos...;)

I have worked hard to get to this maybe some might pay attention...

But if you have a particular question , Enigma , or Who...go ahead and ask , and

I shall get back to you , as soon as possible...;)

The fourth , third , and second Rune down ,

( column on left )

yet progressively moving upward in that order ,

give a "A" , "R" , and "C / K" , letter value ;

Therefore the possible word "Arc" ; value 221 ;

( Same as "Arthur" = 221 / "Druid" = 221 )

In Obri / Hebrew , the number for their word for "Line"

has a value of 106 ;

If we then take one of the two possible values for "Time"

in Runic , we attain 64 / 624 , and we shall use 64 ;

( do note the 8 x 8 relation )

221 + 64 + 106 = 391

( Arc Time Line )

The sum of the column shown on left , equals 391 ;

Then :

Initiate's = 78

Stone = 229

Calendar = 296

= 603

And the value of the column on right = 603

Let us look at another formula equaling 603 ;

Record = 280

Of = 150

Strike / Collision = 65


Change = 108

= 603

Yet , one should note , 108 , in Obri / Hebrew , can

be broken down into :

Stone = 53

And = 6

Planet = 48

= 107

So , yes , Who , we "could" posit an Arc and Record of

a Stone and Planet Strike / Collision...;)

( You may note : )

Knowth = 354

Ancient = 116

Stone 229 ( Runic value )

Calendar = 296

= 995

( And note )

Calendar = 296

Rune = 296

Dimension = 296

Thank you , Enigma , for allowing me to post the answers

as per the code , and trying to integrate them...

Of course , Who , you as well , though you and I have done

this in more than a few threads now...

In context with your most recent post here ;

Eight ( 8 ) is a number associated with the Code and Time...

( Two columns of eight , 8 x 8 = 64 , Time = 64 / 624 )

And , just so you know :

Time = 624

Matrix = 625

And the sum of 1 to 8 , inclusive , equals 36 , and that is

the number for "Possibility"...;)

Yet , back to Knowth for a moment :

Knowth = 354

Sun = 640

= 994

( value for two columns of eight )

Yet look at those dual eight columns , go one level up from bottom ;

That pair of Runes , one on left , has a meaning of "Rites Of Passage ,

Power To Move Forward , Physical Magnetism , Evolution" , among other

meanings ;

The one on right , has the meaning of "Polarization / Depolarization ,

Time / Timelessness , Mitosis / Cell Division , Mobius Strip , Day , as

well as Highest Good and Breakthrough" , and it is to be noted in

evolutionary science there is often opposing energies , then breakthrough ;

( see it also as both Hourglass and Figure Eight )

The two together equal 10 ( 6 + 4 Value ) :

It Will Be = 30

Sun = 640

Arc = 221

Line = 106


10 ( Value For Runes defining passage / figure eight shape )

= 1007

( Remember , the value 1008 ? We had 1009 , this is the other side 1007 )

So , as one may see and integrate ;

An archeological stone tablet does not have to be seen only though one

lens , yet multiple lenses , dependent on context , and desired information

and offers clues encoded in itself of the layered "holographic" nature of

the information...

Which of course brings in "scanning" these type of tablets , then rotating

and rearranging them in 3d , ( at least ) , and if any number codes are found

approaching them not only in base ten , yet base eight , or other systems

which might yield further information...

Such as , this formula , where I am using the central two runes in our

dual eleven arrangement I posted to make a word with a matrix of

contextual meaning , pronounced "Payuurt - Eel" , or "Portal" with the

possible meanings of "Vibration / Frequency / Tuning / Deep Occult

Information / Dice Cup" , and "Bridge / Use Caution / Beware - Be Aware ;

Sixty Four Color Rune Payuurt Eel = 1186

This is what occurs by color values for the double eight columns :

( As we said in our Rosicrucian branch of our Tradition :

C.R.O.M.A.A.T. - Eck Color Scale

Reversed and spelled out : The Ancient Accepted Mystical Order Rosy Cross

Though they changed it to Ancient And , in recent times )

Now , as each of these pairs of runes have number values , you have a

"Motherboard" of sixty four possibles , and their combinations ;

It is important to note here :

Hyperspace = 532

Coordinate = 471

System = 183

= 1186

And to note to get to a point in "normal" spacetime , you

need three points ( triangulation ) ;

( Enigma said : "In order to digest information I must read

it at least three times." )

To travel in Hyperspace , you need a beginning / end , and

six points of reference...thus eight ;

We encoded many things for those who came / come after to find ,

on their journey "home"...

I believe I have said enough for !

True , my friend , Who...

I as well found most interesting on the news here

in my area tonite , the "revelation" that the astronaut

John Kelly's Dna was permanently altered by the time

he spent in space :

Now , if this is the case , and taking into account this was

"merely" travel in "normal" conditions , what would occur to

Dna under hyperspace travel conditions ?

And why would hyperspace travel clues be left in the code ,

if not needed by those who come after ( the present "us" )

and what are the implications then if Dna is altered by such

hyperspace travel , would / could that create a "race of gods"

from "ordinary" semi - humanoid beings that traveled from

another star system to here ?

These are the astrological sign runes , and I have looked at

them through the "possibility lens" that they actually would

be star systems , as seen from a different vantage point than

earth , perhaps as well , from a million years ago , as per my

previous post and illustration of Ur - Seal , formed by two runes

that were "stretched out"...

If that was the case , or is , this could be a clue to our home

constellation , and perspective point in both space and time...

I have wanted for many years to have a high level , intelligent

astronomer look at this with me , scanning these into a major

supercomputer , then rotating them in 3d , over a celestial map

with allowances for changes in shape over time , and seeing where

in our universe one would have to be , to see the constellation

shapes this way...;)

Now , if we put this together , with posits by Hancock and others

then what are we looking at ?

( I know certain things , yet I am phrasing these as possibilities

and questions for some to ponder , and perhaps be inspired to

look into , as perhaps this is an invitation home when we are

truly ready ) !

Thank you for your contribution Shawn and Who. My mind is of a feeble state as of late and there is much to ponder. In order to digest information I must read it at least three times.

Gentlemen, let us all wish Stephen Hawking well on his new journey without being shelled in his frail frame. His physics opened many minds and doors.

Here are a couple of interesting links that relate to Graham Hancock's book "Magicians of the Gods":

The Probability of Collisions with Earth

Interstellar Asteroid FAQs

I find interstellar asteroids interesting for several reasons. They are bad boys with unusual shapes and sizes.

My dedication to Stephen from another site :

Farewell , Dear Stephen !

I remember reading and rereading your book , and

learned so much from your work and words ;

I remember laughing at your jokes , and was inspired

to continue through my own hardships , by the way

you handled were a spoiled boy bull in the

china shop , and a blazing star in the minds of many ,

lighting the way for others to follow ;


I have written so many gematria formulas , relating

to your ideas , and know the code I work with , is that

information encoded in the event horizon and emanated

by the black hole at the center of our universe...thank you

for that understanding...


You are now spread out in the quantum field of space , still exploring , still learning...


Many Blessings On Your Continued Journey , Free Of The Bonds Of The Physical Form !


You were the epitomy of Crowley's Motto...Perdurabo !


( I Shall Endure )

Now , as far as an asteroid :

If it ever comes , may these two gentlemen play the world's last song !


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