A true understanding Magick begins with quantum mechanics. 


Do you agree or do you disagree with this statement?


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Yep I've also experimented with several different methods.. the traditional stuff hasn't worked too well for me, but the use of technology and self created spells has always worked amazingly well.


Which makes me wonder, why does one approach work so well for one person, but not another.


Maybe because we're individuals, and the fact different approaches work for different people is something to celebrate.

"The mechanics allows for belief to move mountains without knowing why"


Please define how such a state occurs form your observation point.

I don't agree.


Comparatively one could write " A true understanding of sandwiches begins with aquatic turbulence".


For the first part what is a true understanding? For the second part how does "begins with quantum mechanics" relate to both magick and true understanding?


There is possibility, even plausibility.........but in this form it's a blanket statement without any foundation.

Alright, let me explain my opinion of it from brass tacks.  I'm going through the research on it and so far there are not a lot of conflicts.


Quantum Mechanics is not the study of particles, but the study of evolution of physical systems over time using wave-function to describe the change.

(understanding when to cast something for best effect, pattern recognition and probable outcome, understanding when the moment of desire has been reached)


When the word "quantum" comes into play, people automatically think it means to quantify. In quantum physics and quantum mechanics, since THERE IS NO STATE WHICH IS FIXED OR CERTAIN, all descriptions of the systems must be set in "discrete packets"...or an open set of variables.

(there are no absolutes. No set numbers The numbers involved merely describe the movement of things, not what things are, because to say something IS a thing means to stop it from changing. Sacred geometries, numerology, gemiatra.)


This is because what quantum mechanics and physics work with is continuous systems.  Like the growth patterns of trees.  Not a discontinuous pattern like the balance of your bank account. However, chaos theory gets into how discontinuous systems do affect or create larger systems. And that also has to do with the growth of trees :D


(what I do and how often I do it defines my path.  I effect small changes in how I choose to see reality, what I have to work with changes. In changing the certain aspects of my reality, my path changes.)


A continuous system is one that describes how independent variables change dependent variables.

(If I understand what I cannot change, and how it affects what I can change, I can make more effective changes to that which I can affect. Kaballah. Alchemy)

People forget that symbols are merely variables. A symbol can have an incredible amount of meanings, some of them seemingly contradictory. Our perception of the symbol is what limits what we can do with it.






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Please highlight the *fnords* I should be looking at, so I can clearly get your message *evil grin*
you don't take challenge well, ritalin...perhaps some new meds might be in order

I don't do anything well old chap, and I don't feel any particular challenge here either.


Be at peace son, there's nothing between us.

i dunno ritalin,, things get mighty hairy in another thread...hostile even..I might even suggest that we both pull back on the lingo. Fair?
Sure, no troubles.
Right on.

I think the whole pseudo science thing that mixes quantum mechanics with magic shouldn't totally discarded or anything. I like the concept. 

In Whitley Strieber's "The Key," the stranger in which Whitley talks to tells him an interesting theory that there is a energy field around us, and the particles in this field are in a quantum superposition. I think he said the particles were in a superposition of being in the field and being somewhere else in the world, so we were basically connected with everything. Don't know how valid this theory could be, but interesting brain food, at least.


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