I've started to read a little book while waiting for others to ship in.  And I am learning a bunch on how to protect your home magickally, sleeping better, cleaning, decorating etc etc. 

Do you do anything magickally to your home?  I am interested in everyone's little things that they do throughout the year/week/day.  Pictures are most definitely welcomed!!

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Well, these days I mostly Pray, but at times I will visualize the apartment surrounded by a bendable, adaptable shield of protection, just to reinforce what's always already there and keep my mind on top of it.

Sometimes I'll also put a little salt by the door where people enter, perhaps a little on the windows as well.

Incense is also a good idea (just try not to set anything aflame - besides your Magickal intent!)

Might want to try fresh flowers too. Just think of natural, full-of-life-like things that are the opposite of evil and decay (not the decay *is* evil, but, ehhh...it's too long a Process to get into an explanation just now...)

Thank you all for your input. I will be moving to my own home here in the next few months and I thought this would be a great time to start preparing!
I've heard of plantinf certain plants under the windows and certain crystals to hang in the windows and etc.... to ward off evil ......
Cunningham writes in his "Encyclopdedia of Magical Herbs" that Lilies are good to plant in your garden to keep evil and ghosts away, and to protect against the evil eye and keeping unwanted visitors away. I'm sure if you look at what he lists for protection, you will find many other flowers and plants to use in your garden for this purpose.

If you are going to plant trees at the new home, then you should look to those from the 9 magical woods like rowan which is said to protect the home and the occupants when planted near. Also hawthorn which is supossed to protect against lightening, storms, and ghosts.

All this information is found in Cunningham's book... Blessed Be )O(
Other ones..hmmm lets see...when I sweep the floor it's always in the direction of the door. I have mother moon over the entryway into the living room. A small water fountain to bring in the water element. Plants I chose are aloes and succulents. Colors chosen are earthy. candles in my windows always have clear stones in the bottom of the their holders to deflect negative energies. I have an electric wind chime that all I have to do is push the button and a tiny fan blows the chimes at different speeds...( my spirit friend doesn't like this so much and he tends to turn them off). I have dream catchers strategically placed around the bedroom to prevent nightmares. I know it's time to cleanse them when I have one. I have a small bag of sleep herbs under my honey's side of the mattress. I burn cinnamon incense and oil in the bedroom when I want some lovin, and chamomile when we want to sleep...lavender when we want to relax and talk or cuddle. there's just a few more....lol
Aman you could become a Magickal Interior Decorator. I never realized you could do SO much! How awesome!
There are many ways to magically transform your home...and no one on the outside need be the wiser to you. Many are hidden and many are out in the open and disguised as ordinary everyday things. But in the end, we know what they are and that's what brings them their power. I am always looking for new ways to use magic in my home. Keeps my family safe from harm, healthy and happy...
Blessings, charms, ect...all work together...it's fun, it's easy and just takes a little imagination...
during the warm months i grow cayenne peppers around my house to protect it and those who dwell within from negetive energy entities and magick.always burning candles and i use protection herbs in the food i cook for my loved ones and myself i have mirrors in certain parts of my home to help spirits pass on outside my home that have not been invited(mischief spirits mainly)i have a triple cast circle around my home as well as little amulets and talismans oh and bells and chimes love em also horseshoes above the doors.
sleeping better i like teas and aromatherapies like chamomile lavender rosehip teas and also dragons blood makes me feel peaceful and helps me drift off. i really dig runes and the triple moon symbol have lots of stones and chimes and my altar so yeah random bunch of lil things for ye
I have protection satchets that my daughter and I filled with protection herbs during a ritual specifically for this purpose. They are tied with red string for added strength of protection. I hang these above all entrances of my home. I put horseshoes, old old ones, over my doors. I also have willow leaves in all my windows and branches of willow with the leaves still attached above all my entrances too. I cast a protective sphere around my home and do crystal gridding around my house and property. During warmer months, I dig a small ditch crescent shaped around the entrances to my house and sprinkle dragons blood in it then cover it back over. I also make witch bottles with spider webs and bury them outside the dragon's blood to catch evil before it enters my house. I don't always do these things at the same time, but will do more than one at a time and add more when I feel/sense it is needed. BUT, before I do any of these things, I always do a THOROUGH smudge cleansing of the home. You should do a cleanse like this before you take anything into the house to ensure all negative energy is gone and the house is clean and ready for you to reside there. Brightest Blessings...
We're in a city apartment, so, regretfully, no outdoor space. However, we do have an altar here at home and lots of ways we've brought the outdoors inside - shells, rocks, acorns, etc. I make a point of doing regular cleansings and protective magick for ourselves, our space, and our belongings. We decorate with some statues and plaques representive of our beliefs.

Another thing I've always done, even before embracing my path, is decorate seasonally. My mom did this too and I've always enjoyed bringing in the spring flowers and fall pumpkins, etc. I guess I do it more mindfully as a Pagan than I did before.
we have gargoyles too. i also charmed my car to aviod hitting deer or the smaller creatures


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