I've started to read a little book while waiting for others to ship in.  And I am learning a bunch on how to protect your home magickally, sleeping better, cleaning, decorating etc etc. 

Do you do anything magickally to your home?  I am interested in everyone's little things that they do throughout the year/week/day.  Pictures are most definitely welcomed!!

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I dont have a picture of it though I thought I took one. Well I have a statue of Pazuzu, the god of the western wind in my room facing out toward the street.
wow where ever does one start..lol. Bells at both doors to keep out unwanted enities, be they fleshy's or not..lol. Wriths, also, I change them with the seasons. lol. coins at each opening to bring prosparity and good fortune. The altar takes up one whole wall in the living room, and the natural colors goes throughout the room. Keep candles about for different things. Inscents also. Spell bottles in all four directions windows with spells in progress. lol. Kitchen herbs every where. Our own homemade kitchen goddess that has been around our house for over 30 years now. Well there is a few of the things about the house.
As I am currently living with my folks, and I don't have permission to do anything magical to their home, I keep most of it to my room or myself. I have protection charms and ropes hanging, two gargoyles (which can be seen in my pictures) keeping an eye out, some live-in guardian spirits that help me out from time to time, as well as some "hanging spells" that are ready for use whenever I feel it is necessary. I have also utilised some ward techniques to help me identify when something comes near, and I have personal "hanging spells" as well as talismen that I keep on my person at all times. Lastly, when I wake up and when I go to bed, I meditate to balance myself and center my psychism. It refreshes me, and keeps me aware.

Weeee fun. Have a good one.
I have gargoyles too. I almost forgot to mention that. I have big ones and three tiny ones. Scaring away the Jehova Witnesses
I hear you there, about all I have in my room is my altar set up and the fact that I sleep from east to west, ensuring proper sleep. For someone that has a hard time falling asleep and waking, this helps tremendiously.
i burn sage for cleansing whether it be negativity or just to freshen up. i try to do it monthly but in stressful times more frequently. I always have different oils in the diffuser...depending on what I need them for...I remember to give thanks to those spirits within our home that do protect me and my family. I have a broom by the door, mirrors to ensure energy flow, windchimes and bells., gargoyles outfront and upstairs, a few pentagrams scattered about, crystals and prisims in the windows to catch the sun and make beautiful rainbows...all I feel in one way or another keep our home happy and "clean"
I do little things...like stirring coffee counterclockwise to relieve pain, clockwise when things are going good with a little love and luck for the day. When we built this place I place protection herbs behind the sheet rock above both doors. I smudge after every thorough cleaning, draw pentagrams into the food I make while it's cooking, I have a sun watching over the stove, Crystals in the kitchen windows, luck and prosperity herbs under the front steps. Our bedroom isn't constructed to face the headboard north so it has to face south but I placed a mirror over the bed on the wall to reflect out the negative energies. Furniture is arranged so that it runs in parallel to the floor boards of the wood floor for good energy flow. Many charms are integrated into the decor and we used the colors of the earth to paint our walls in. A practiced witch who walks into this home would know it's a witches home right off. A mundane would think I am practiced in the art of decorating.. lol....there are many more things around here but this is just a sampling...
i never heard of the offee stirring thing....love it though since i work nights and drink waaaay too much coffee. Anymore little tricks like that you could leet me in on...
I left many pentacles inside the walls when we remodeled. Drawn in marker...paint......no herbs...i didnt even think of it,...but we also left pictures and a small bio of our family life here tucked into plastic bags and nailed to an inside beam. When I moved here there were pentagrams drawn on an upstairs bedroom wall. I knew the family that owned previousl to me...and their daughter moved in salem and was a witch...no accident i moved in later
The Magical Household: Spells & Rituals for the Home by Cunningham and Harrington. Thank you, I may have to look into that Dream!
Hmmm that's odd the intro to this book never mentions even a first edition being Cunningham himself. Hmmm.
Right now I'm deep into renovations on my home..Last night the kids, hubby and myself put all positive words on one wall that is going to be covered in wood..As we are ripping out old carpet and putting on fresh paint my mind frame is get rid of the old negative energy to bring in new positive energy..


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