Man-hating lesbians: Ravenwolf, and DJ Conway. What say the Dianics?

 I am nearly finished reading DJ Conway's A Witch's Guide to Astral Realms. Honestly, I wish I had never bought this book. It is not without some amount of useful information, but in the mean time, it is filled with a silly, petty use of pronouns, (her/him and she/he instead of he/she or him/her, or just saying "them") nearly constant sexist references, and, considering the writing style, leaves me seriously wondering how much first-hand knowledge and experience the author actually has; that she didn't just read or plagiarize from someone else. Also, the book is poorly written and if anything, really just serves more as a vehicle for the author's opinion of the topic, rather than more of a how-to of the topic, if not outright putting out some agenda.

Dj Conway makes it very obvious, her hatred of men. The pronouns thing, I really could just let go, because that's really not a big deal; but nearly every example she gives on how to try out the techniques, involves a cheating husband. She even talks about her first marriage and how much of a living hell it was, and how controlling her mother was, right up until she died. She also does not waste an opportunity to praise achievements by women in the absence of men, such as more than occasionally mentioning about an Amazonian-like society, man free, that supposedly had preserved peace for over 1500 years, in some part of the world that few if any real historical sources would likely back up. Now Conway, I'm sorry that you reacted negatively to situations that you chose to put yourself in, but a real writer tends to write more responsibly and professionally, and leaves out personal agendas from any book that is a how-to on astral projection and/or witchcraft. (or should I have said "or/and" ?)

I am not as familiar with Silver Ravenwolf's work, but I hear from others that she is criticized for some/many of the same things that Conway is criticized for. I want to be clear, this is not a discussion to rip on women or femininism; there are some very good female authors out there, Dion Fortune, Doreen Virtue, Michelle Belanger, Freya Aswynn, etc. that write responsibly and well, and leave their own personal antisocial issues out of books that are intended to help people learn in a positive way about witchcraft, Paganism, or energy work; because that is the point.


Keeping these things in mind, I have a question for all the Dianics and Pagan feminists out there...  


What is your opinion of Ravenwolf, Conway, and the other authors I mentioned?


Before anyone else mentions it, I really don't care if me using the word "lesbian" offends anyone. I use the term loosely, learn to take a joke. I figured it was less offensive than "bull-dyke"

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I think it's great that the younger generation can get into witchcraft, but after someone turns 20 or so, it might be time to graduate to something else, something a little more in-depth.

yes, i do agree with you with once you hit your 20's u should something more in depth. i was 16 when i began my journey on the craft.  and i read Teen witch by Silver Ravenwolf. Whenver i go into a store or even azure green i maily see Wicca 101 books, any suggestions? 


the best suggestion I can give is to never buy books in a bookstore. Read the customer reviews on amazon for any book that you might be interested in, and make sure to read the negative reviews, about 80% of them will tell exactly where the book lacks, and most of the time will suggest better books on the same subject. Wicca 101 books are like a boomtown industry with everyone trying to get in on it. Definitely avoid Llewellyn publishing unless you already read some seriously good reviews on a book published by them. They do exist but they are few and far between. Llewellyn tends to have a rather bad reputation among serious practitioners.

1 have read several books by Ravenwolf, I have to disagree with u.

I am not a feminist.  Nor is Silver Ravenwolf. She has been married for years  and has adult children. she discusses  her family life in her books.  D.J. Conway?  Tell me what book and what pages, and what she says that proves that D.J. Conway is "man-hating lesbian".  Thank you. and BB

pick up a Witch's Travel Guide to Astral realms and look for the examples I mentioned in my OP, they are quite numerous and not hard to miss.

 I've learned, over the years, to thumb through books before I purchase them for this reason. Yes i'm a woman but i'm no man hater. I've never heard of Ravenwolf being anti-man, just being more of a fluff peddler. When I do run across the hippy feminist stuff, I just brush over it and consider the source. I try to extract the useful information, if any, and leave the authors personal crap behind.



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