Okay so I tried to get back into meditating today. I went without yesterday because I 

didn't want to fall asleep half way through. But I couldn't focus and clam my mind as I

normally can with my Mantra. If anyone has any advice I will certianly try it. Yes I have 

tried gudied meditation today as well. 

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Focus on a single point of light surrounded by total darkness. It takes practice and time. Seclusion is vital. Everything you vision must be swallowed by the single point of light. All thoughts. Then allow that point of light to come straight into your head. You have become one.

When I say practice and time, I'm not talking about the Western concept of quick fixes. We are talking about days of seclusion and practice. We in the West can not live in such a manner. We have lost the ability. But practice this exercise as the time in your life permits.

Okay you lost me with 'Point of light straight to the head.' Do I do this as I stop meditating?

Get a copy of this book, “Magic and Mystery in Tibet” by Alexandra David-Neel. It explains this meditation technique. I also like the meditation technique it has for creating a thought-form to do your bidding. You can find the book on thriftbook.com for four dollars.

You should also consider some factor coming from the physical as well, are you currently Mal-nourished? or do you have sleep debt? both of these can be a huge detriment to you're ability to concentrate. 

I think it is defeintly sleep debt. I didn;t sleep much friday night))


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