does anyone know how to mend this badger heart been crush crush after 5 months she gone anyone know any spells or magick to mend and heal this badgers heart

please help

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A cleansing ritual would do wonders for you, doll. And maybe do a spell to banish negativity and then another to bring good things into your life. Also, I don't know if you are into crystals or not, but Okenite is great in situations such as this, as well as rose quartz to promote self-love. Most important, take care of you. Go easy on yourself and be well. Allow yourself to grieve and realize it does take time and that there are still good times to be had and good people to have them with. We're all here....

Blessings, love. xo
Oh, and just so you know, I recently did a spell to banish negativity and I used a black candle and some Rue oil. Worked wonders. :)
Only time heals.

Not what you want to hear, it wasn't what I wanted to hear either.
But it's true, give yourself time to figure things out, but don't wallow.
Go out, be with friends. Fill your life with new things
You won't die, you'll be fine.
Oh, I just read one THIS MORNING, but am out now and don't have my book with me. But the basic idea was that you use certain herbs and soak/steep them in wine or tea every night, repeat an affirmation (the spell), and then drink the beverage. It's the herb I'm not sure of... It might have been lavender blossoms, but for some reason I want to say yarrow... Rose petals may also be appropriate. I'll reply again if I can find where I read that!

It's more symbolic of self-healing than anything else, and creates a ritual of routine to help you pass the time since as the others have already pointed out, time really is the Great Healer when it comes to broken hearts.

Also, here's a website with ideas for mending the broken heart:

Meanwhile, lean on your pals here and in your 'regular' life. Fill the void with people who bring joy to your life, as this leave less room for the sadness.

May you be blessed! Hang in there.
I've been there, my friend. I'm just now recovering from my break up. I would go over the seven stages of grieving. Right now, I'm somewhere between the 5th and 6th.

What also has been helping me, is honoring my Goddess. In this case, Hathor (Goddess of music, dance, beauty, love and of all things, joy).

Go to your friends and go to your Gods. They will help you get through it.

Hang in there. It does get better.
I'm sorry about what your going through .I have tried to help my daughter Melinda which is one of your friends She has been divorced 2 times the second was really bad she had kids plus was pregnant at the time she lost the baby within a few weeks i think the stress was just to much for her. I have to say the best thing is just be around people talk stay busy at something and eventually try to trust and love again . I'm here if you ever need to talk. hugs Linda
The best thing to do is commune with nature. That is something I have found that will never leave or let you down. Walking in the woods, or sitting by a stream is the most peaceful I have ever felt. I write poems and storyies. I get consoling from the beauty that is all around and sometimes it's almost like the tree frogs are calling my name. Many have said, when you and someone you care for does not work out, the best thing is to find another to heal yourself. I can honestly tell you that is not the case. I do not know your circumstances, however mine has always been because of my beliefs. Is this the case? Like I said, it is hard to give advise without knowing the situation. However. whatever you have my complete support dear friend. As always BB&MM LR
Sometimes it just takes time. The phrase is "Time heals all wounds".
I have been through similar woes of the heart.... perhaps this chant may help you.... (best done on fridays)

Lady love.. you come too late,..
I've been so long without a mate...
we die in dust and live by chains....
we live in lust as our youth wanes...
to fly with one wing in circles nowhere,...
and martyr our hearts with love comes dispair...
say there will be a day and in a magickal hour......
"Some times you're the butterfly... sometimes you're the flower" .....

Windcaller this is absolutely beautiful and haunting. Thank you for sharing! BB&MM LR


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