Do you have a mental illness, or have a loved one who suffers from one?

How do you/they cope with that illness?

How has it changed your life?

I'll go first: I have paranoid schizophrenia, and it bogged me down for awhile. However, I have learned to deal with it, and doing much better now thanks to a combination of medicine, pyschiatric visits, a loving boyfriend, and practicing my craft.

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I have CDO, it's kind of like OCD but the letters are in alphabetical order the way they should be.
Yeah, I have problems with loud noises too.
However if I am at a dance bar/rave I am okay with that noice.
It sounds like Sensory Integration Disorder.
Doe's that mean you'll never listen to my tape?
I have this problem too. While I love concerts, the loud music can cause a claustrophobic feeling. I don't suffer from "normal claustrophobia",but loud noises can make me feel trapped at times.
that sounds so familiar. I can totally freak out over repetitive sounds or other anoying sounds. No matter how loud or faint i hear it.
hmm, good topic.
My whole life has bin about mentall illness.
My mother suffers from bi-polar and stress syndrom.
Se has been hospitalized a dozen of times when i was groing up..
Then the torch was passed to me and i had problems with depression.
Now i have it under control with therapy and medication.
One day i want to stop the meds :D
But now isnt the time.. yet.
One day, I wish to stop the meds too...but like you said, now is not the time.

I told my Aunti to go to the Acupuncturist for her back and she has never complained about the pain again and would tell anyone to do it. She was scared at first. In this town I live in some insurances will do a copay for it my aunti's did she only has to pay $25.00 a session. I hope you can get to try it. Many Blessings to you Char.

*raises hand* Dysthymia (Long term chronic depression), Anxiety attacks caused by be a perfectionist to an unhealthy level, and tons of other garbage that I am sorting through and tossing out of my life out of defiance. LOL Medications do not work for mine, because it is caused by enviromental (maybe traces of gentic) causes. I.E. rasied by a mother who was crazier than a shit house rat and a father who was abusive, combined with being homeschooled to keep me isolated from the outside world and controlled, and never being able to do my school work properly enough up to my mom's standards. Age 15 in college carrying a 3.99 GPA and that wasn't good enough, and I was the stupidist child in the world. LOL

The last year, along with the death of my grandfather (who was the only reason I kept in contact with the lunatics that are my blood family) I have rebelled and thumbed my nose at all of them. My hair that I kept down past hips for years, got cut shot up to the nape of my neck. I also went from being a burnette to a red head. LOL Threatening to dye my hair electric purple if family keeps stating they are embarressed of the red. That and it would be fun for myself. LOL Also, have started setting the terms of contact. They step out of line, be emotionally or mentally abusive, and they don't hear from me until I am good and ready to talk to them.

Yes, depression is still there at times, but it is lessening. For the first time ever, it is good to be alive and I am proud of myself. In my seamstressing, when I am pointing out flaws, I have more than one person inform me, "If this is your idea of imperfection, we will take your imperfect outfits over someone else's perfect ones." Meaning, relax and don't critize yourself as much. LOL Still working on that hang up.
I actually don't have any disorders ... I was depressed for about two months but that was after three of my family members died with in weeks of each other and I was across state lines and couldn't afford to go to the funerals.. it sucked but It was an episode in my life not a chemical imbalance of any sort... the doctors really seemed to want it to be something more but I'm okay now.
I have been wondering about the amount of mental disorders in the pagan community. I am one of the few witches i know who doesn't have SOME kind of disorder. I don't know if this is because pagans tend to be a little more open about such things or if we are all suffering some sort of trauma induced by the paths left behind or whatever led us to paganism...
Consider yourself lucky, Altheria.

I have PDD which is a form of autism. And depression. Lots and lots of depression. I've tried meds before, but I don't want to be on them for the rest of my life. That, and they don't seem to work for me. I see a therapist once a week which helps me deal with issues.


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