Do you have a mental illness, or have a loved one who suffers from one?

How do you/they cope with that illness?

How has it changed your life?

I'll go first: I have paranoid schizophrenia, and it bogged me down for awhile. However, I have learned to deal with it, and doing much better now thanks to a combination of medicine, pyschiatric visits, a loving boyfriend, and practicing my craft.

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i do not have the ability to see a Dr. for any of this, but i have depression, mild OCD and an array of other things. I hear voices and i hallucinte and have night terrors.

my ex-boyfriend has DID and it's difficult to deal with, but it makes some things easier for me...he just dumped me and i have troubletalking to him, but his other, Nick, he's much easier to talk to...he can tell me the truth without hurting me ... and without being embarassed. Other than that, it was easy to get used to and to learn to handle.

I have PTSD and bipolar depression, I deal with it by attending therapy, journaling and the use of natural remedies for anxiety. The depression I deal with by reminding myself the sadness isn't necessarily my reality.

I don't know that posting your mental or emotional vulnerabilities on a public forum is a good choice. It's like volunteering information to predators.

oh boy.   depression, anxiety, agoraphobia,  meh think that's  it, wait, claustrophobia too..hmm, yeah that's  it.  :D

i can usually tell when any of the above is coming  on and have developed ways to counteract or lessen the effects.  :D

  no drugs.. the shit makes it worse.  *shrug*

"i got better"  ---Monty Pythins  holy Grail

I have severe depression and anxiety. I handle it un-medicated because my husband and I want to expand our family and anything stronger than Zoloft is not safe for pregnancy. I don't like how Zoloft makes me feel so I won't use it. I also have OCD and ADD and I don't like loud noises. I'm constantly turning down the television and wearing earplugs.

How do I deal with these issues, accepting them. I went to therapy for a while but I he talked more than I did. I did get a few good breathing exercises from him so I will use them. I personally need alone time to deal with my issues. Thankfully I haven't been suicidal in over 10 years but just being alone with no noise helps me calm down when I'm upset. I also use aromatherapy and when my husband is home, sometimes he will just cuddle with me for a bit as he is my emotional rock.

My OCD is a constant struggle because I have 5 pets and a small child so keeping up with cleaning is near impossible. I clean as much as I can but I try to ignore it when I'm running behind or it will bug me all day (sometimes it still does). As far as the ADD, as long as I keep myself occupied it isn't too bad to deal with.

I know I don't tend to my illnesses the normal way but for me they seem to work.

Depression ans anxiety

Hi everyone, this is an interesting topic for me. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia at the end of 2003 and spent a week in the psych ward through New Years. When I was released it was 2004 and I was on medication to control my symptoms. I spent 13 years dealing with my new life and seeing psychiatrists and therapists for help. I was just turning 19 as I was diagnosed. By the time I was 30 I decided I would act on something I always knew about myself. I have always known that I should have been a girl and so I decided to try to get over my fears and do what I want. I started acting and living in whatever way I wished which made me very happy and calmed most of my Schizophrenic symptoms. When I turned 31 I moved back to my hometown where something very strange and also symbolic happened. I became very afraid of someone I had met and ended up losing all of my belongings. One of these items was a silver pendant that looked like a dagger. It was silver with black detailing and made me thing of darkness and fear. My mom had bought it for me soon after I was diagnosed. A few minutes after I had bought it I heard a voice say that it was binding itself to that pendant. I didn't believe what I was hearing and decided to keep it anyway. After I lost this pendant when I was 31 I found that I was able to stop taking my meds without any problems. I was re-evaluated by a psychiatrist this April that just passed and he told me that because I was able to stop taking my medication, he believes that I was misdiagnosed. He told me that I should have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder instead. It's now May and I've been safely off my meds since December. I'm now learning even more about myself. I've learned that my anxiety is being caused by a few habits I've picked up along the way. I started drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes to be more like my mother when I was a teenager. Both of these habits have been out of control for years. It's like I can't stop myself from doing them, they have become a coping mechanism for not being a girl. During many times of hallucinating I have noticed symbolic references to mythological beings and also animals. I always thought of hallucinations to be like out of control daydreams so I started trying to decode what I was seeing and hearing. Because of this I have learned about Gods, Goddesses, spirit animals, and also myself and those around me, such as my mother and my sister. Everything I have learned from decoding my hallucinations have led me down a path of greater understanding and also toward fixing my problems in life. I'm now much less fearful and more willing to be or do whatever I want. I'm so much happier now and I'm also starting to attract good things in to my life. I feel like I'm now at a point where things will get much better for me. I have just recently learned through a lot of research that I might have an iron deficiency caused by internal bleeding from gastritis. If this is true, then my gastritis would have been caused by the amount of coffee I was drinking. Both caffeine and cigarettes can lead to anxiety. I was also a very heavy smoker. So this could explain why I have so much anxiety and cigarettes and coffee are actually causing a problem that my mother has. My mother also has an iron deficiency which caused her anemia. Her mother also has anxiety and is currently dying of Leukemia. What I've learned from anxiety is that it affects the blood in a very bad way which can lead to death unless something is done about it. So what I'm doing now is anything I can to get over my fears and remove everything that's causing me anxiety. I'm removing everything from bad habits to people who are bad for me. I won't quit trying to fix my problem unless I either die or I'm successful.

I can relate a lot to your experiences hun. My problem is that I "know too much" and am very good at figuring out things. I'm like a detective. For this reason people have shunned or tried to silence me pretty much my entire adult life. I have dealt with anemia. I have experienced feelings of supernatural scapegoating and confusing mysteries. See it as a gift and things will start to change. First I began conversing with higher thoughts; it started more like Carl Jung self help and creative visualization. Every certain time I enter a phase of spiritual evolution and growth; every year is rebirth for me. I'm extremely tolerant and healthy. I've never broken a bone, gotten surgery, or a cavity yet I know less about myself than I'd like to. 

I have depression and mild autism. I used to have suicidal tendencies as well but I gained the strength to learn how to live without those thoughts when I started to discover my beliefs and magic. I also have been working on the social anxiety caused by my autism. Now I'm living a healthier life and I'm happier more often. I still have problems related to my mental health but they are not as strong as they once were.

I'm going to say something controversial about the medications that are prescribed these days for various mental issues, especially depression and ADHD, etc.  I think they are highly dangerous, and in many cases are worse than the disease they are supposed to help with.  That being said, I know that many swear by them, and I get that.  You want relief, and at some point it becomes worth the risk.

That was not the controversial part.  This is: There are plant materials out there (as I am sure many of you already know if you are on this site). One in particular, Psilocybin containing mushrooms, have been found in micro doses (less than 0.5 gram) every other day can help tremendously with these issues.  I can attest to this due to talking to several people who have tried it both for depression, anxiety, and (somewhat unrelated) migraine headache.

CBD oil has also been used, and there are of course thousands of herbs and other plants that may work synergistically in these matters.

I suffer from depression & I have panic attacks. I take medicine. My whole life, people have labeled me as being crazy because of it which at times makes the depression worse.
I have been diagnosed with severe depression


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