Well, I'm prejudiced because he has always been my favorite quarterback, but after he demolished the Redskins yesterday the commentators are giving him serious respect and really suggesting that he will be the best quarteback ever, that he has already reached the highest level.


To me, it is just fantastic to see the way they are amazed and can't praise him enough - and he did have an amazing game, but it is like they are anticipaing him staying this good and being unstoppable. I love it.


If your wondering what this has to do with paganism, well, maybe not much. But where I am from, the American Deep South, "football" is a religion, and while most people worship it within a Christian contect there, not all Southerners are christian, but we still are influenced by the football cult.


And the whole country is fairly influences by it, but outside the South they don't think if it in religious terms. I do, but that is just because we, as a country, are so poor in our religions that it really does count for something,


And there are a lot of connotations to Vick being the best QB - I'm curious which ones, if any, people here choose to focus on. What do ya'll think of Vick - is he the best?


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I think Michael Vick is the biggest piece of shit ever and should have been barred from ever playing football again. But that's just my opinion. I'm pretty sure all the animals he abused, tortured and killed would agree with me as well, though.
I agree. Vick is a giant walking douche.
You're absolutely right. He's scum of the earth.
yeah lets grab the torches and pitchforks how dare he do something extremely terrible  then pay his debt to society , realize what he did was terrible and change ...how dare he...lets go get em mob

The Virginia folk love him! Home town boy! I'm glad he has contributed lots of $$$ to the SPCA here! There are many stories of whats happebned to his "dogs",too.....some are actually therapy digs now

Not me cheering him on,just saying he is from here in Virginny,Hampton Rds and he is STILL a hero here and I'm glad some of his dogs are accomplishing good things. I'm glad the dog fightinng rings were so busted,. That is some sick shit,but it happens here
HUGS BACK..........aye,I agree with you,only he knows whats in his heart and if he has or can change. some of the stories are really amazing about the dogs,too. I never liked him too much to begin with. How many teams has he been on anyway? Falcons and Eagles? he was a huge high school star here!
He is a good athelete but he's a total punk as a human. He tortured and killed animals. Now he's a "hero" again. What a good role model for young men growing up. (not).
"Punk" isn't a strong enough word. "Complete and total waste of oxygen"... That fits a little better...
I personally prefer "a waste of perfectly good stem cells." His very image sickens me.
Me too... I have no idea which team he plays for, not being a fan of pro sports, but whichever team it is, I hope they fail miserably in every game and never, ever win anything at all and whoever "hired" him or whatever it is they do, I hope they are covered from head to toe in giant festering warts, grow hair in unattractive places and they have someone do to them what Vick did to those animals. It is appalling to me that anyone at all could ever "idolize" such a completely disgusting example of humanity...
Oh, and I actually wouldn't wish his stem cells on anyone either. They are probably faulty and would only make things worse... I'm just saying.


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