Well, I'm prejudiced because he has always been my favorite quarterback, but after he demolished the Redskins yesterday the commentators are giving him serious respect and really suggesting that he will be the best quarteback ever, that he has already reached the highest level.


To me, it is just fantastic to see the way they are amazed and can't praise him enough - and he did have an amazing game, but it is like they are anticipaing him staying this good and being unstoppable. I love it.


If your wondering what this has to do with paganism, well, maybe not much. But where I am from, the American Deep South, "football" is a religion, and while most people worship it within a Christian contect there, not all Southerners are christian, but we still are influenced by the football cult.


And the whole country is fairly influences by it, but outside the South they don't think if it in religious terms. I do, but that is just because we, as a country, are so poor in our religions that it really does count for something,


And there are a lot of connotations to Vick being the best QB - I'm curious which ones, if any, people here choose to focus on. What do ya'll think of Vick - is he the best?


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The animals were helpless victims that had no choice or say about their lot in life. Vick is a piece of shit and horribly abused and tortured them. I put victims, no matter the species, above the perpetrator, ALWAYS...
damn straight, AGAIN, Tchew (where have you been? I have mostly only encountered ONE mentality on paganspace - but this was actually the best representation of Mob mentality, for its purity, until you spoiled it with your own thoughts. Thanks!)

What about those sports stars who rape people and get NO jail time, do NOTHING to make amends, just praise and high pay.
I mean people here are praising Tom Brady? Maybe I'm confusing him with a different rapist, but that guy is a total asshole, everybody hates him.
Tchew, people are the most dangerous things on the planet; everything else is at risk and in danger because of us.  I will and do protect children and animals first...!
He feels bad he got caught...
He only feels bad because HE WAS CAUGHT...!!!
sorry tchew i dont torture animals....don't include me in your pile of shit labeled "we all"
THANK YOU JESUS, I mean Tchew. Finally, some sense. And he is passionate about making amends.
He's not sorry at all. He's just sorry he lost so much because of it. Anyone can see thru his phony demeanor.  If he hadn't been caught he would still be doing it. As for sport stars that are rapists; they shouldn't be playing either. They are scum too.
By far the best quarterback ever.....Al Bundy you know he scored 4 touchdowns in a game lol
oh, Tchew - and yopu actually can recognize his talent as a QB - he isn't "unqualified" because he's black, as so many football people seem to think.

"Desperately hoping for diversity", Hellebore? You just can't stop advertising that you are in the Tea Party, can you? Hopeless stupidity.
Trust me I hope in the next life Vick becomes a male turkey in the next life. I saw on the show Dirty Jobs they cant breed because they are too fat and they are pretty much molested to get their "breed-squeeb" out, then they are chopped up for food.
those poor turkeys!!


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