Well, I'm prejudiced because he has always been my favorite quarterback, but after he demolished the Redskins yesterday the commentators are giving him serious respect and really suggesting that he will be the best quarteback ever, that he has already reached the highest level.


To me, it is just fantastic to see the way they are amazed and can't praise him enough - and he did have an amazing game, but it is like they are anticipaing him staying this good and being unstoppable. I love it.


If your wondering what this has to do with paganism, well, maybe not much. But where I am from, the American Deep South, "football" is a religion, and while most people worship it within a Christian contect there, not all Southerners are christian, but we still are influenced by the football cult.


And the whole country is fairly influences by it, but outside the South they don't think if it in religious terms. I do, but that is just because we, as a country, are so poor in our religions that it really does count for something,


And there are a lot of connotations to Vick being the best QB - I'm curious which ones, if any, people here choose to focus on. What do ya'll think of Vick - is he the best?


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Best quarterback ever:

Brett Favre.

Source: John Madden.
thank you, Nick, for addressing the post. Nice to see some people aren't blinded by hate.
I like Bret. I used to think it was Tom Brady but he turned into a total douche
Thanks, Psyche. I like Bret, too. He is a Football God, for sure. He's just amazing, the Silver Fox they call him?

He and Peyton used to fall into a category I did not like, because I thought they were like Tom Brady - total, unadulterated assholes. But then I saw a documentary about all of them, with interviews, and I realized Brady is just such a big asshole it is like 15 assholes, but those other guys aren't - I just assumed they were because they were all the "Great QBs"

The difference is both Peyton and Bret are humble, at least some, maybe a lot. Vick is too, now. But Brady is not, he is completely unhumble and therefore he is our Exact Scientific Model of an asshole, and anyone who looks up to him is a total loser.
I really would like to roll Vick in hamberger and throw him to a pack of rabid, hungry wolves... THAT would be awesome.....
Michael Vick is less then human in my opinion.
In fact, FUCK him I don't think he should have been allowed back into the NFL. I've done extensive research, and he never apologized or showed any remorse for the pain he inflicted upon the dogs subjected to his 'business'. He apologized for letting his fans down, but NEVER ONCE apologized for what he did and allowed to happen to the DOGS.
He's an asshole and a sick fuck. I hate his guts and hate the Eagles for letting him onto their team.
I spit in his general direction, because I can't get close enough to him to spit in his face.
AMEN PREACH IT SISTA!!! What she said!! LOL I think NFL is dispicable and should be boycotted for letting his sorry, disgusting, miserable ass back in....
maybe you need to learn how to research - seems like you missed a LOT.
He apologized for letting his fans down, and did some obligatory work with the humane society as a condition of his return to the NFL, but his emphasis was always 'it isn't worth it, you could end up in jail for it, like me' when doing public talks to kids, not 'it was wrong because I hurt living creatures for sport'.
He had a chance to use his celebrity to fundamentally CHANGE the urban cultural perception of dogfighting, and he passed it by. As soon as his required face-time with the humane society was up, he stopped doing public talks about it.
Actually, he is still talking to people about it, I think they mentioned him speaking to a high school just last week -

but I do see what you mean about hsi focus being - sometimes - on the "cost" - but I think it depends on which clip you watch. Have you seen his whole speach to any of the groups, usually schools I think, that he makes? I think you might be impressed by his remorse, though any focus on what it cost him might seem like too much, although that also teaches a respect for justice.

I really think the groups he is working with are proud to have him and they are doing great work together - if Vick, specifically (or someone of his level celebrity) had not gone through this and started making these statements and speeches, would the necessary change to rid our culture of animal-fighting ever take place? It can't just happen with law enforcement, someone that people respect has to stand up against it, on principle.

Mrs. Bloom, I can respect that you don't think Vick has that principle, but I think if you see some more footage of his talks you would change your mind. I'll see if I can find one.
LOL - took ya'll long enough to find this thread -

True Colors were never more fully on display on Kodak or when Cindi lauper sung it

Ok, I just glanced at the responses, I guess i should actually read them, but I get the idea they are all from haters.

And I would ask those haters, who rightly hate the act of dogfighting, do they realize that they will personally NEVER do as mych to end dogfighting as Vick has already done -

not only that, the more successful he is as a QB, the more he will be able to help animals.

I'm all for redemption, and Vick is the MAN - everybody is about to have to recognize, or face their own supreme judgementalism.

As far as his football talent is concerned, Everybody is recognizing, he's a new football God. But since I saw some comments from people who seem to be upset about his past, I wanted to mention my take on THAT. Thanks for all the responses, ya'll, I go back and read them now.

This thread was posted right after the Redskins game, by the way, but went unnoticed. Vick keeps getting better, though, so i guess it will come up again. I hope he is the Superbowl MVP.
You're exactly right Puffin, I'm a hater.

I hate animal abuse. I hate injustice. I hate stupid fucks who think they can get away with it because they have alot of money and can throw a ball.

Hate ain't always a bad thing in my world.


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