Hi! Does anyone have any good ideas or suggestions for a good Midsummer Celebration Ritual? Things that have worked particularly well for you in the past? Please feel free to discuss! Ritual could be either for group or solitary... also please include any craft or other activity ideas as well! Would love to hear your ideas! 

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That sounds like Beltane to me. But I would do it anytime.
In my tradition. Summer Solstice is vacation day for the most part. It is the day of the Sun seeing it is the most prevailent on this day. So maybe you could work something up with that bit of information. Best way to start a tradition is to start a tradition. Then you will have your own reson for celabrating on the Solstice.
This will be my second time to celebrate Litha this year so i can't say i have any "patterns" per say, but i do try and keep some of the tradition to it. Like in every sabbat, i try to incorporate at least one old tradition of the sabbat into my celebration. I think my group and i will be having a grill out this year. However, that's as far as we have gotten. There are some newer members that are still doing thier studying of that sabbat so we will see what they come up with! Good luck with yours!
Every year I do what might be termed "the nudie ritual"... It's important for me to expose all of my skin to the solstice sun for a proper blessing. This can be a challenge due to indecent exposure laws and, lets face it, I don't want people to see me, just the gods.
One year I got caught and the asshole decided to interupt my meditation afterwards by allowing his unruley dog to jump all over me while he informed me that what I had done was really sexy and that I should be more careful or some jerk might come up and 'do something.' How about this, asshole, have some class and leave me the hell alone instead of threatening to rape me in the guise of a 'friendly warning.' And control your fucking dog! This is the reason it's handy to have an athame at these types of rituals...
That was the only time though, but I did have one year where the only thing that caught me was a swarm of giant fucking mosquitoes... I suffered for a week after that.
Two years ago I did it underwater in the freezing water of Lake Michigan for a double-blessing... that was a very powerful (and ice cold) experience! It was part of a larger ritual to prepare for getting my tattoo.
This year, I have my own yard and was thinking of hanging up some sheets to form a little temple with an open top so I can do it in the privacy of my own backyard.
It's a challenge, but I've done it every year since I dedicated and it is very profound and moving for me. I great the sunrise each year also, rain or shine or clouds...
Last year my group did a ritual honoring the fae. The fair folk seem to be very active around midsummer. One year the group I practiced with made oracle wells and we did a journey (kinda like a labyrinth walk) to each other's wells.
A good solitary thing to do is get up butt-ass early and watch the Sun rise. This is best done in a park or wild place where you feel comfortable (with parks, nobody is usually in them at 530 in the morning).

You can do a meditation, recite an invocation to the sun (that you wrote or one that inspires you), or just listen and watch as the morning comes. Leave breads or seeds (like the kind that birds feed on) as an offering. On your way back you may find a token or gift.

suggestions for the rest of the day, go to a farmers market, relax with friends in a sunny cafe drinking good wine and eating good food, decorate your home and altar with bright flowers, dance, anything that brings you great joy is good, especially if it's outside.

Rituals are not just formal circle casting and all that. Rituals are the things we do every day. Some are sacred, some are not. Some mark times of the year, and some we just do because we have to. As you go on you'll develop your own rituals for this time of year. Good time to start is now :D

Good luck!
Angie we got some good ideas and I have a few of my own. So basically I want to Thank Everyone who responded and have a Blessed Day.

Blessed Be
Yes darling! We sure have! And we can incorporate any ideas you have as well! I Love You!! *kiss kiss*
Thank you to everyone who has shared and added their ideas about Midsummer! They are all wonderful! And I appreciate them all! Please keep any other thoughts or suggestions coming! Once again, thank you all! It's much appreciated!

Blessed Be!
I actually just have one ritual that I use for each sabbat. On the Midsummer sabbat I like to leave a offering of milk & honey out in some natural place for the spirits (some witches call them faeries) of the land.


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