Hello I'm Fiona.  and I play mmorpg. (multimedia online role playing games)

I'm hoping that if any of you also like mmorpg, maybe we could game together?  

Rn, I'm playing RIFT.   My name is Piscesgirl (warrior) and Piscesgirlygirl (mage)

I'm in the Deepwood shard. and both of my toons are lvl 65.

I have my own guild called Alpha Kenny Body.

If any other mmorpg pagans are out there.  I'm hoping that we could meet up IN GAME. 

Please name which games you play.  Your lvl. and whether you're a warrior, mage, cleric, rogue, etc. 

If you don't play RIFT, that's cool.  But we could still talk about what games we like. I also played Neverwinter and Wizards101.  My friend told me that I should try Tera.  

Games could be very depressing when friends leave to play a new game.  This is a way we could just talk to and interact with other gamers.  I think gamers are very misunderstood people.  To others, it seems like we're wasting our lives.  But games gives us lots of pleasure like TV does for some people.  I could turn around and say, "Aren't you wasting your life watching television?"   At least with games you have enough time to read a book >_>  You could waste your time doing many things.  What's most important is that you're having fun, right?   Though, one book that I would just LOVE to read is SQUEE.  I'll probably get a chance to read it someday. 

Outside of games I like dark comedy.  I have a very dark sense of humor.  I like comics like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.  Jhonen Vasquez is probably my most favorite author of all time.  I should probably add that I have a perfectly clean criminal record ;)   Mentioning that I like comics because normally people who play games normally also love comics.  Those 2 pretty much goes hand in hand.  Anime, manga, comics, and gamers pretty much all attract the exact same crowd.  I'm hoping to meet and find fellow nerds.  So this is a post reaching out to you. 

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I haven't played rift how is it? 

I think sword art online [the anime] did a pretty solid job of nailing 'misunderstood gamers' on the head. Kind of a sad show though. 

I love to play healers so if you find a free to play or just no sub let me know : 3

Maybe it's because I hit cap, but at the moment, it's very boring. 

But lvling is always the most fun part of gaming.  If you're lvling, RIFT is a lot of fun.

Same thing with Neverwinter.    The graphics in RIFT is very realistic.  They paid very close attention to detail. 

A person told me to try Tera next.  I might be a dude this time.  I normally pick female toons because I am a girl.  But in Tera it seems like the women are overly sexualized.  OR I might play Guild Wars 2.  I mean, as a girl, I really find overly sexualized toons to be distasteful.  esp. since most of the time it doesn't seem to go both ways.   I wouldn't mind seeing shirtless, muscular men everywhere.  Sorry for the rant. 

What I'm aiming to play NEXT

What I'm currently playing

What's NEW that RIFT is offering: Mind of Madness! New-ish!

GW2 is really good

Sounds Fun.  I need to get a new computer though.  My laptop doesn't play games well. :(

I used to play WOW a lot as well as GW2.  I played Tera for a bit. 

Do we have a PaganSpace Gamers Group?  If not we should start one.  :)


All the groups are dead here.  There is actually such a group. But it's dead.  Unfortunately, the only activity here is on forums.  With no disrespect intended to this site. 

I have no idea what SWTOR is.  I assume GW is the original Guild Wars?  Many people from RIFT quit to play Elder Scrolls Online.  But it has a low review.   I use this list to determine which games to play next.


RIFT used to be on top of the list.  But now it's only top 5.   Now the most popular ones are Guild Wars 2, SMITE, and Warframe.  For me, the only thing I care about is that it's free and popular.  Mainly because games are usually popular for a reason. People aren't going to flock to a crappy game. 

But I've been hearing rumours of a new game coming out that's supposed to be a lot of fun. Idk if it's F2p, yet.  But I heard from the Hello Kitty chat that there's one coming out called BLADE IN SOUL, and another (?) one called poharan.  But I heard it's still in Beta stages.   Don't know how valid this all is. 

Noob question, but what is UI?  I do think it might be fun of you to try some of RIFT's new End Game Content.  They now have some cool things going on like Mind of Madness and there's still one particularly cool New-ish weekly where you have to kill an elite 67 dragon.  Right now, the hype is still rather high for it.  And many people are trying to get the new T3 gear. 

But if I have one criticism for RIFT is that they make good gear a bit too hard to get.  In Neverwinter, you still had to work hard for good gear.  But it wasn't as time consuming.  In other words, when it comes to the cool T2 gear.  It may take you a month to get it. 2 tops.  With RIFT, getting good gear is a bigger pain in the ass. 

Yeah, I was thinking of playing RIFT until I complete all of my soul trees.  Once I'm finished with my soul trees.  I'll probably uninstall it and download a new game into my computer.  I could always come back to RIFT. 

Trion should save everything as long as you use the same email and password.  I'm just feeling like it's time for something new. 

I just started Wow.. still a noob

I've played so many games in the past that I have lost count, I think I played rift at one time, but it didn't last very long. If anyone here play's gw2 I would be willing to group up with them my account name on gw2 is Slvtgarden.7345, I've played that game off and on since launch. I also am currently putting most of my focus into blade and soul's us server. I am on the server Junghado if anyone wants to group up on there. My name on Blade and Soul is Azaigzabathu. Just message me in game, and i will talk your ear off ;) I'm a very friendly person.

i never got into the group gaming.  excepting being a group around a table with dice, monster books and paper.  :D possibly  a map n miniatures too but  online? nope. 

  I love Diablo type games, solo dungeons..but group ones...they irritate me.  *shrug* each to their  own.

y'all have fun with it!

I don't do grouping games very often. usually only when the need be. When we are done I quit the grp.


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