Hello I'm Fiona.  and I play mmorpg. (multimedia online role playing games)

I'm hoping that if any of you also like mmorpg, maybe we could game together?  

Rn, I'm playing RIFT.   My name is Piscesgirl (warrior) and Piscesgirlygirl (mage)

I'm in the Deepwood shard. and both of my toons are lvl 65.

I have my own guild called Alpha Kenny Body.

If any other mmorpg pagans are out there.  I'm hoping that we could meet up IN GAME. 

Please name which games you play.  Your lvl. and whether you're a warrior, mage, cleric, rogue, etc. 

If you don't play RIFT, that's cool.  But we could still talk about what games we like. I also played Neverwinter and Wizards101.  My friend told me that I should try Tera.  

Games could be very depressing when friends leave to play a new game.  This is a way we could just talk to and interact with other gamers.  I think gamers are very misunderstood people.  To others, it seems like we're wasting our lives.  But games gives us lots of pleasure like TV does for some people.  I could turn around and say, "Aren't you wasting your life watching television?"   At least with games you have enough time to read a book >_>  You could waste your time doing many things.  What's most important is that you're having fun, right?   Though, one book that I would just LOVE to read is SQUEE.  I'll probably get a chance to read it someday. 

Outside of games I like dark comedy.  I have a very dark sense of humor.  I like comics like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.  Jhonen Vasquez is probably my most favorite author of all time.  I should probably add that I have a perfectly clean criminal record ;)   Mentioning that I like comics because normally people who play games normally also love comics.  Those 2 pretty much goes hand in hand.  Anime, manga, comics, and gamers pretty much all attract the exact same crowd.  I'm hoping to meet and find fellow nerds.  So this is a post reaching out to you. 

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I have GW, GW2 and ESO although I haven't been on them for a short wile. Really good games though.

i'm on eso for console... love this game and the lorebook excursions xD

Me too, I love playing ESO on my Xbox. It's still got that Elder Scrolls feel, and the content just goes on forever. lol

I'm on Xbox too. Been playing for about 3 years and still not capped in champion points lol

hi Fiona,

i never really got into rift. Tera is awesome but lacks private servers. im thinking about maybe trying archage. have you tried that game?

I was on The Old Republic at launch. When that went P2W, I quit.

I used to game hardcore, but now my steam library is full of games I haven't finished. I play some WoW, just to connect with fam, but I don't really like WoW much. I love tabletop, but don't have a game going right now. 

I also check in sometimes to see where comics and anime are at. I'm following DC Metal and Attack on Titan right now, but not much else. I act like this guy a lot:

Thanks for the recommendations, Spooky. I will check them out.

Hi, personally Tera sucks. I tried it and my 2 online gaming buddies tried it and removed it from their library  after giving it about 5 hours worth of gameplay. The largest issue is the gameplay and terrible level progression. Neverwinter is fine, but I find it boring to play without good quality people to play with. I recommend Ark survival evolved it's a fun game that will challenge you time wise and you will find good people there.

  I play World of Warcraft level 86 night elf hunter is my main


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