Hello everyone! It's Keri! Back from my near two year stint away from our beloved paganspace because, well, I was broke and didn't have the money for internet. LOL!

Lots of things have happened since I have been away I am sure, but one particular big change in my life is I am pregnant! With our joy and excitement come nervousness and worry. And in my case so much vomiting!! I hit the six week mark last week and it seems like I have not stopped getting sick all day every day since then. I tend to be a baby when I get sick but the only thing that truley bothers me is nausea. It is the absolute worst feeling in the world ad I just can not handle it. I can not eat anything other than a little toast with peanut butter or hummus and pita chips. I can't take my vitamins because I have to eat on top of them to keep THEM from making me sick but eating now makes me get sick too. I am one of the few women out of all my friends that doesn't have children so I have lots of people to ask but they are all so veried. My friend is 24 weeks pregnant right now and had absolutely no vomiting what so ever just a constant stomach ache, as she called it, and is telling me i need to see a doctor about it while my other friend threw up for four months straight and says this is all normal. 

I have read books, read online, and researched and it is all so completely varied I have no idea where to start. I have a doctors appointment on the 15th so I will ask them when I go. 

But now I a curious, while you were pregnant (or s/o or friend was) how often and how long did you/they get sick?

Thanks for sharing and thanks for any advice, as you guys always give some and it is usually great!


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Please forgive my spelling and grammar errors, my computer has a damn adware virus and it makes it slow and near impossible to go back and edit the post.


If it really concerns you, a trip to the doctor might be in order. It can't hurt. If it's nothing, then it's nothing. The doc may suggest another form of vitamin that won't be so hard on your tummy, or prescribe something for your nausea and vomiting (my friend who just had a baby was on...domperidone (I think, not sure) for a while for severe morning sickness). I was one of the lucky ones and got very little morning sickness when i was pregnant with my son almost 1 year ago (never had it with my other two kids), but I have issues with swallowing pills, so I compared labels and took a chewable non-prenatal vitamin (it was better than nothing).

See the doc...if anything, it can alleviate your fear and make you feel better. Congrats, btw :)


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