okay  okay i know weather is set by a cycle and pattern and its been proven repeatedly but does anyone else feel like "mother nature" is going through PMS or menopause or just throwing a tantrum over the last three years personally i kinda feel like something is trying to grab our attention.....to be continued

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lulz, stereotyping nature
Anthropomorphizing actually, and I'm not completely sure it is untrue. You know, you can't prove a negative.
First that, and then stereotyping. Some people just *suck* and guess why that is not a compliment. Fucking idiocy.

Nope, I don’t feel that.  As far as I’m concerned nature is just a series of interconnected complex processes that go through calm and violent periods depending on the circumstances.

I grew up in NORTH DAKOTA,MOTHER NATURE was always a bitch there.........
MINOT North Dakota is flooding now,all over CNN....40,000 folks evacuated.......hope and power to them.....the Souris river...
No, I don't.  Because if I did that would be my ego talking, since it's predicated on the idea that Nature would bother to pay attention to humans.
Mother nature is cleansing herself?
Just because Mother Nature is using an organic enema doesnt mean we should judge her. We all get backed up with shit once and a while :D
hahaha :P
•2010 Haiti Earthquake Jan 12
up to 316,000 casaulties-numbers vary
$13 billion in damage
•2010 Chile(?South American) Earth Quake Feb 27
562 confirmed dead
$15-30 billion in lost money from economy, cost insurance companies 4-7 billion, damage to fisheries 6 billion 

•2010 New Zeland Earthquakes
 Canteberry-no deaths
 Christchurch-181 deaths
Around $14 million in damage

•2011 Japan Earth Quakes and tsunami
 15,365 deaths
Estimated to be as high as $300 billion in damage.

•2011 Tornado storms involving several states 525 deaths
$28 million in damage(that numbers seems low) estimated to get to $20 billion.

•Flooding in the US 2011
20+383 deaths in storms causing flooding
$2 to 4 billion in damage

And I doubt it's over with hurricane season here-and I think something is already brewing if I heard right, so we will probobly get a tropical storm at least soon-which can still cause severe flooding. But if a big storm formed it could be bad, like a Cat 5...and we've been clear for the last couple of years for the most part.

*the numbers are mostly from wikipedia but they do a good job on some articles in my opinion. Still I'm sure none of the numbers are exact but those are probobly decent ball park numbers.  
I wouldn't say she's happy that's for sure!


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