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‎Friday, ‎September ‎10, ‎2010
04:06:53 PM
To All Witches born natuarally,and Witches a like and those different of faiths,
I know we are all different. But lately, reading these posts about what's better,whose better and my Goddess is better than yours and If you believe in God too(as I do) doesn't make us different from one another.
We are in this together!  Maybe we can learn something about how to use a spell in different way usinf their faith.
I know I'm a no body and probably have no business writing this-
But you do realize we are on different paths and there is nothing wrong with that that?
There are more things to do then bicker and argue amougst each-I don't believe that's why this site was made.
My mother is a Chritain, but, she is the most miserable Christain I ever seen.She lost track of what Jesus was trying to teach her.Where is her faith? Watching some dude who preaches "Revalations"
Remember 9-11? We all pulled together-we was all together -keeping the weak strong and we didn't care about who believed in what or who-it didn't matter,did it? We stood strong.
What happened to that my brother and sisters? We are becomiong as bad as the Roman Chathloics who have ALWAYS are trying too change or put down other faiths...Is this the way you God or Goddess would want you to live? Who gives anyone the right to say whose "Wiccan" and whose not?Who gave us the right to say "what you believe in wrong?"NO BODY!
Even when you get married-it's two people who agree to live together in the same house and sometimes they lose track of you actually married that person because of who he/she believed in. Not to change who they are-that's why people get divorced.
But see, we are living together in this Little world and we cannot change who they are, as much as you cannot change the way I believe.
I'd rather read posts about what Goddess you believe in and why? And read posts abour brother and sisters that need help... by all faiths.
Not bitching and complaining about who or what they believe it.Remember please we are in this together.
With the Brightest of blessing from me and my Goddess to you
Be safe
<~The Pagan Pixie~>

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and so it should be.....
I agree it's great to debate and to learn more about different belief systems, But I agree with the pixie that more people are arguing and bickering than debating.

I encounter more people who tell me that I am wrong, not only in what I think, but what I believe and how I practice, people who have told me that calling myself pagan is a lie because I am not their flavor. I have had people tell me that if I cannot agree with their point of view I should just stop talking. people who have passed judgement on my character and on me as a person based on a disagreement over the word "violent".
I'm all about discussing things; and I love playing the devil's advocate, so I understand the importance of disagreement(and those two parts can be flipped in the same statement and still be accurate)....what I don't understand are the people who believe that (even in paganism) their way is the only way and if you don't agree with them you are simply wrong.

I love talking to the people who can see that their are different points of view and that they are all valid even if you don't agree....but I think the Pixie is more referring to the people who argue rather than discuss.(forgive me, pixie, if I am mistaken.)
debate is one thing..putting each down one another is another thing.How is we can teach the younger generations that come after us...? I am really afraid for our future as witches and other faiths- I do Love all of you on here even though we have never met All I ask for is to be civialized witches or has time come full circle?
With much Respect,
<~The Pagan Pixie~>
.Interesting reason for posting discussions.I usually have questions,want answers or find certain topics interesting,not to get people upset or attact others throats,though that happens,but never my intention from the get go. Isnt that a bit counterproductive,uif from the get go,you do it just to stir the cauldron? who is them? Who is us?
I agree. Healthy debate forces study. It will either wash away the weak or make the weak stronger. It pushes the stronge to study. Even when we disagree it still raises questions of our own belief.

We could be grownups though. I find the name calling childish. But, in order to hurt someone else's feeling one has to be important to that person. I've got a thick skin.
I try really,really hard NOT to name call,but I have. what just really beyob]nd cracks me up,is someone saying look at your hair or yior clothes.WTF does that have jack shit to do with anyones knowledge,capabilities or responses....I didnt even do that way back when. I love unique folks....."You dont know jack shit because you feather your hair" nahnah booboo
WHY do you think you are nobody,first off? YOU are as important as you see yourself to be,my friend. ALL your points are fine and valid,as far as us all being in this together,mmm,not sure on that point,but ALL choosing to be here on Pagan Space to talk,visit,share,learn,teach,grow,make friends,progress,get help,give help,laugh,cry,dance,chant,sing,etc......NO point in letting diversity get you down,always will be the different folks in a Realm this large.....Some may need to believe their Goddess/God IS bigger,stronger,more powerful and better,who gives a fuck? Let them!!! Enjoy your eve,darling!!
It shows the worst sides of pagans, and that's not what I'm about.

it shows the worst sides of people.

I agree with everything else though and that's^ just my opinion. :)
yeah...i get it.
Right as usual CC thanks for keeping me straight.*Big Hugs* to you.
preaching to the choir child...
I'm so glad there are others who see what I see on this site, I joined this site because I just wanted to learn about other beliefs, just for the sake of learning, but what I found is this site is no different than all the other chat sites, with people running people down and calling people names. I haven't been a member all that long and not sure Ill continue to be for much longer as there is enough negativity in this world without me logging into it each day. I very rarely even join in the conversations because I don't want people judging my every sentence. If every person (pagan or not) would just take a moment and show a little tolerance and love to another human, what a wonderful world this would be. Namaste (not sure Im qualified to use that but I don't really care what others think)


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