DreamWalker, I am 49 years old and have worked hard all my life. Nothing special so I decided to go to school. I am taking business classes because I really want to work in an office. It seems like I have always worked outside and don't take this wrong I love being outdoors, but I really want to do something with my life. Do you think I am wasting my time by going to school? I really want to do this and make my daughter proud of me. I think that I can really do this.

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Improving your life is never a waste of time, Miss Harrell. Judging by your post, you seem to have the intellectual capacity for this undertaking (as opposed to several people I've dealt with here, and in real life), and so I offer you the best of luck.
Thank you, It's not easy I work a full time job and go to college at night from 6p.m. till 10p.m. My morning starts around 4:30 or 5a.m. But when I found out I had cancer I decided if I made it I would do something with my life. Blessings to you my friend!
No your not wasting your time you will have the added benifit of meeting new friends and broadening your horizons.
we are never to old to learn and collage is a great way to help,
good luck on your business course
Dreamwalker, it is never too late to do something different. You need to follow your heart. I had a BA and went back to school to get a MSW. That was in 1999. It took me three years, my wife was a single mom while I went to school. It was worth every minute. I'm 58 and am starting a new job Monday.
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An education is never a waste and i'm sure that you daughter is proud of you no matter what you do.
follow your dream go back to school and be at the top of your class
I wish you luck
It is not a waste of time as long as you are doing it for you and it is what you want!
I wanted to go into the medical field so I started with my nursing degree and I realized that it didn't fit who I was. I stopped a little more than half way through my degree. Everyone said it was stupid and I should just finish because I had gone all this way. I kept telling myself "why waste the money if I know I won't ever use it?" My best friend went through the same thing as me, she got almost done and found out it wasn't for her. She finished the last year of her school and is now working at a gas station. She told me she doesn't like teaching and won't ever use it. Me, I went for my EMT and am going to enroll in Paramedic school, I love it, it fits my personality perfectly!

I think your daughter will be proud of you no matter what. I have been and always will be proud of my mom, she did a great job at raising me after all!

GOOD LUCK! You'll do beautifully!
My daughter also went to EMT school, but she loved it so much she went back to school and is now a paramedic. I believe in you and think you will you will be a great paramedic. It takes someone special to do that kind of work. Good Luck,:)
Go for it!! I am back at school after five years of working. I feel like my brain needed a kick start and my current job is going nowhere. I love learning and am having a blast, it's a good feeling to want to make ur children proud. I am studying child services to work with kids and I can't wait to finish and get a better job!!

Whoooo you can do it!!
I am VERY PROUD of you!! It takes someone who is dedicated, focused, and special to do all that you do!! Love you this much <----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
Love you too, but I really need to do this. And I want you to be there when I do.
Going back to school and trying to do something with your life is an amazing thing and takes courage. I applaud you for doing this.


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