I won't be on much today. I have to undermine the world, and my to-do list is huge.

1. Go into prostitution, to support my meth habit, spread disease, break up families, and become pregnant.
2. Have a repeat, late term abortion. My fetus is 11 years old.
3. Apply for welfare to take care of my 32 illegitimate children by different fathers.
4. Renew my membership in Obama's Socialist Party.
5. "Brown up" America.
6. Provoke some white person to snap
7. Jet around the world, paint goddesses in caves, and strategically plant some goddess figurines, just to keep everyone guessing.
8. Start my own gynocracy, and rule the entire world according to whim.
9. Mention Hitler in a debate
10. Bash some Christians.
11. Provoke a fight and then claim it was a hate crime.
12. Commit a hate crime (watch out all you blue-car-drivers!), and then claim reverse discrimination
13. Yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater
14. Harm some or all
15. Shop for shoes!
16. Wrap myself in the flag.
17. Fake the moon landing
18. Burn things.
19. Dress like "I'm asking for it"
20. Sneak illegals across the border and sign them up for Social Security
21. Bail out an automaker
22. Have sex just for fun
23. Spit on the Constitution
24. Convert someone to homosexuality.
25. Convert a homosexual "back".
26. Call myself a witch with no proof that I am one
27. Mind my own damned business, raise my kids, love my spouse, pay my taxes, vote, tread lightly on the Earth, worship a deity of my own understanding, give back to my community, laugh a lot, and quit taking things so frigging personally.

This is just a start. If I really put my mind to it, I'm sure I could completely decimate every value that anyone in the entire world holds dear by suppertime.

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Don't let the innocent face fool you! Sweet, kind Flame has oodles of evil too! (Okay, I'll give her the fact that she only brings it out when necessary.)
LOL! Good point!
Well if mixing races will help do the trick, then i have done my part. My puertorican ass has married a white man and already had 2 little boys who r gonna grow to mix even more until there is so much mixing they will just have to make one word to include every race. I want grandbabies of so many colors. YAY!!!
Oooooh you're so subversive!
Yes I'm all about subversion. I will train the impressionable children well to grow and mingle. I will also recruit mixed couples simply to procreate. There will be plenty of "browning" and "tanning" up the country. I say tanning cuz me and the boys r pretty pale ourselves...lol. I don't know how much I've helped so far but there is still hope for the future. That's the plan if I can help to do ur evil bidding...hehehe.

I would love to do that! It drives me crazy!
My 7 year old walked in on me and my husband before. Does that count?
Hey, you forgot one thing. Prove once and for all there was no holocoust, it's just a false rumour the dirty jews started. Absolutely no truth and no evidence it ever happened. I like your style. I think I should have my own wish list. Blessed be. Lady R
You take away chocolate, the women of the world will revolt against you. Millions of chocolate starved angry women doesn't sound like a pleasant picture. :P
ROFL in typical male form :P
AHAHAHAHAHA! You've discovered the c**** in our armor!


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