Mary Poppins used her power predominantly on objects that taught kids to sing, pick up their room, take their medicine, and have an 'all around sunny disposition'. For example, Mary Poppins taught kids to clean their rooms by causing their clothing items to dance around the room with them and allowing them to see that cleaning could be fun.

Nanny McPhee used her power predominantly on people (mainly kids) to teach a more strict version of the same lessons. For example, Nanny McPhee taught the kids to get up when they are told by giving them measles, forcing them to stay in bed, and making them eat nasty food and medicines.

In your opinion, which is the better teacher and why?
Which kids will retain the lessons?


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Lol. Which is why i just said ':p"....wanted to be sure. lol
sounds kinky that way. :P
When I was a kid studying elocution, Mary Poppins was one of the books I had to memorise and recite passages from. For an exam, I had to sight-read passages that were chosen on the spot - a kind of "viva voce". So I know the book pretty well. I have also seen the film. I've seen the film of Nanny McPhee, but not the book.
If you go by the book, Mary Poppins was not that far off Nanny McPhee. I recall the conviction, by some of the expressions she used, that Mary Poppins (of the book) was Scots. The film was a fantasy loosely (very loosely!) based on the book. I'll take Mary Poppins of the book, thank you. From what I've heard about her book, Nanny McPhee was a touch more vindictive. The film was so anodyne I can scarcely recall it. Nanny McPhee got prettier. It was probably meant to indicate that the children had a less biased view of her, but it came across more that she was working to expunge some kind of curse.
Nevertheless, the curse of Dick Van Dyke's Cockney accent endures. As the unverse cools to its last enduring chill entropic death, there will still be an echo "AAoo Nao, Meerie Pawpeens!"
i prefer the middle of the road approach with a little zing thrown in once in a while.. mary poppins is too annoyingly perfect and from what ive seen of the nanny mcphee trailor it will probabllly have kids running and shaking under their covers.
Mary Poppins of course. She's practically perfect in every way.
NANNY McPHEE, of course,the Scottish way of doing it,she's SCottish and practical....Part 2 is coming out!! Mary Poppins bugged me.
Good to see that someone else was annoyed by Mary Poppins!

When is part 2 out??
Not sure. I'll ask Julia Rose,my 12 year old granddaugghter. she'll know!! I hated that damn umbrella too!
Part 2 comes out this Friday....8/20/10. I just heard it on the Can't wait to see it!!!
She sounds English.
Clan McPhee is a Scottish clan from the isle of Colinsay and also wre found on Iona. They are also known as being aligned with The Fairy people and are known as a clan of peace. Clan McPhee was also considered a sept clan of Clan Mcleodm,the Scottish clan blessed with the power when going into battle with the warrior fey"having their back".


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