Mary Poppins used her power predominantly on objects that taught kids to sing, pick up their room, take their medicine, and have an 'all around sunny disposition'. For example, Mary Poppins taught kids to clean their rooms by causing their clothing items to dance around the room with them and allowing them to see that cleaning could be fun.

Nanny McPhee used her power predominantly on people (mainly kids) to teach a more strict version of the same lessons. For example, Nanny McPhee taught the kids to get up when they are told by giving them measles, forcing them to stay in bed, and making them eat nasty food and medicines.

In your opinion, which is the better teacher and why?
Which kids will retain the lessons?


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The clans are made up of different families,"generally" Through the mothers clan line. My Clan Gordon is a VERY large clan,with many septs or branches,some of the larger septs within the clan are called "minor" clans in themselves.Clans were the basis of the Scottish form of protection and land holdings. Check out and/or Scottish My mom was an Aichison,a larger sept of Clan Gordobn,so start with the closest relative on the maternal side,if there is none,then your DA's mom,gran,etc
Clan McPhee is a Scottish clan

I'm not talking about the clan. The character of Nanny McPhee is an English character.
No she's not. She's Scottish by name. Personally,I believe she is a Scottish Witch and uses magick to turn the children around. People's nationalities generally can be traced through their name. McPhee is Scottish,NOT English.Or Italian. Or Dutch. Or French.
my last name is sicilian. I'm american, not sicilian.

My grandpa's last name is welsh, my grandpa is english.

Nanny McPhee speaks like an englishwoman. Without further info on this character by the author, I'm gonna go with her being english.

and btw, you're not scottish either, you're american.
Oh,okey ANNA you can call NANNY MCPHEE English if you wish......My roots are Scottish,Irish and Russian,actually and I'm a VERY proud American to be sure.
Nany McPhee's roots might be scottish. She might've married a scotsman.

We don't really know unless the author gives more info on it.
There is ALWAYS blurring of the lines BEAT,many Scottish/Irish clans cross and intermarried. My husband is a MacNeil,however,his ancestory is also McNeil. Several Scottish clans use the Mac versus the Mc,some use both,Clan MacPherson,Mcpherson and MacNeil,McNeil both do.,also MacDuff,Mcduff. At the Grandfather games there were close to 500 clans with different usages of the Clan spellings. The McPhee Scottish clan is well known,as followers of the fey.
I will say,that the origin of The Scottish Clan McNeil ,are Irish, for instance but they claim their family lands in Scotland as dominant...They migrated to the Bara Isle in the West of Scotland. They claim also heritage to the royal O'Neils of Ireland. Clan tracing is always a tough call,though I research alot and enjoy it,there are always it can be this or that with many clans.


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