dose any one know any good natural herbal remedies for a woman with child for cold\ flu

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Mint and spices (pepper etc.) are great for opening up the nasal cavity and clearing the chest.
go to and they have wonderful all natural herbal remedies at good prices... You can also use a cold remedy from Hilands, theirs are good too.

Blessings of the Day ~!
i think that yarrow could help... or is that only for fevers? i deal with herbs a lot, but i'm not much of a healer, sorry. mint is always helpful though. get yourself some hot mint tea!
When Ever My Kids START To Get The Cold/Flu
And The Key Word Is START .. Get That Germ Before It Takes Your Child Down
Is Alot Of TLC :0)
Lots And Lots Of Water ( I perfer bottled )
More Water :0)
And Make Them Rest ( They wont like that. but pop in a movie or let them play a video game ) While They Rest.
Or Read Them A Story Or Play Cards With Them And/Or Color With Them
I suggest you go to this group here on Pagan Space. Lots of wonderful advice:
One thought here, if you have High Blood Pressure, stay away from Licorice, Grapefruits. Licorice will make you Blood Pressure go higher, and Grapefruits counter acts any Blood Pressure Med's you might be on and yes this includes the Juices of the fruit as well. Always check with your Doctor if you are taking any Med's 1st to assure your not going after a Herbal or Homeopathic rout.

Elderflower syrups are readily available in health food stores. Coltsfoot is a good remedy for a cold as it expels mucous and opens up your chest/lungs. Eucalyptus essential oil is fabulous for opening nasal passages.
Eucalpytus essential oil is fabulous. Wal-Mart makes a shower gel and bath oil line, and one of them contains menthol and eucalyptus oil, and I think peppermint oil. It's called Stress, but I always use it for colds.

Zicam uses mostly zinc, and is (according to posts on their website) safe for pregnant women to take. Use it the way they direct you, and your cold will be knocked out in two-three days.
BE CAREFUL THOUGH. Zicam ALSO sells a line of pharmaceutical chemicals. Check the ingredients before you buy/take.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate. Water is good for you! It's a natural expectorant, which will help get all that yuck out of your chest too.
Yes, absolutely. Stay away from anything that contains goldenseal. That's the only one I know off the top of my head, but I there are definitely more.
Oranges, lots of oranges and warm tea with mint and lemon. When I was pregnant with my first, I came down with a horrible cold...fever, cough, soar throat...anyway, I ate plenty of oranges (vitamin C does a body boosts the immune system) and drank warm tea w/mint and lemon for my throat and drainage (yuck). Then, I slept. Get plenty of sleep...this will give your body the time it needs to heal itself.
Lavender tea helps remove mucus.cats claw helps boost you immune system.rub rosemary oil on the bottoms of your feet also put some on a kleenex to help you breath easier.
The juice of 1 fresh lemon and mix with honey to your liking can sip it as needed for a cough ...
Also I will take the lemon and honey to a cup of hot water and sip like tea ..but for a bad cough just the lemon and honey mixed and keep in the refrigerator and sip as needed ...


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