I have just started studying Wicca with in the past month. About a month ago I had asked my fiancée what he thought if I became a Wiccan. My fiancée was wonderful and accepted this. He stated that if that what I wanted, then he was happy with that. That day I drove to Barnes and Noble and bought a few books on Wicca. From there I started opening up a little to my friends and my roommate about my religion. My friends and roommates where ok with this. I started feeling comfortable enough to maybe opening up to my family. I have be very close to one of my brothers and decided I would open up. So on Friday I called him and told him I didn’t believe in religion’s thoughts we grow up on. I told him I was studying Wicca and starting to be come a witch. My bother was shock and though I had became evil. I tried to explain to him Wicca is not evil. He then started telling me when the world ends I would die with my other because of my Wiccan beliefs. I felt like I was slapped in the face and told at the same time I love you and I am doing this because I love you. I didn’t know what to say, other then the fact I didn’t believe in Heaven or Hell and how Christianity came up with Heaven and Hell. He told me that we where not Christianity when growing up. We believed in God, Heaven and Hell. We where different by not believing we need to go to church to pray for God, but pray in our own home not a church. I had asked my brother how this was different. He was not able to tell me this.
I also tried to explain to my brother that Wicca is not evil, only if I choose to study the evil of it. I told him I believe in the good Wicca and Witches. So what my question to everyone, how have you came to your family and told them you have chosen to take the Pagan path instead of the Christian way.
I need all the help and support I use now. Thanks for reading this and your time.
~Korean Witch~

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OH! you have my complete support! I have only come out to SOME members of my family and at my age they don't question my right to believe as I will. Were I younger...I'm sure they'd have voiced their opinions and it COULD have caused divisions in the family. As it is NOW...if some distant members found out I'm a witch there would be repercussions. Some are simply intolerant of what they don't understand and believe the propaganda bestowed upon Wicca and Witchcraft. We can TRY to make them understand, but if they're not open to it there's little we can do. I was raised Christian and most of my family still is...that's their right and I honor their choice. Those in my family who know I'm a witch HAPPILY acknowledge MY right to be as I am...and yes, I know I'm blessed...BUT, I'm too old for them to influence me, and they know that. YOUR case is likely different and you'll need to be strong and steadfast in your rights to be as YOU will.
Blessings in your growth!
Thank you for you support!
Good point! I've actually read some research that says over 50% of those who venture into Paganism go back to traditional religion within four years. (independant study, don't ask the source because I can't remember! LOL!)
BUT...Silence IS part of the hermetics of witchcraft...NOT the easiest point, but it's there for a reason. The more effort you put out in getting others to accept you as you are, the less you have to do the work you desire...or so I've been given to understand.
Thank you for your advise. I do believe you are right and I am looking forward going down this path. I am very blessed for all the freinds I have met durning this time.
Agree with Alan on this one. Once you've had a little more time to read and reflect you'll be able to better express your beliefs and the system you follow. After a little reflection you'll be able to point out all the similarities between pagan beliefs and organized religions, like the catholic church or hard line christianity, when pagan religions have been in existence for, in some cases thousands of years longer. I'm not saying you should be argumentative, but at least be able to defend your point of view a little more intelligently.
Either way, welcome and enjoy. We're always here when you need an assist.
Well lets put your Paganism into other references .

I've been told to were a pentacle makes you blessed .
That to wear that pentacle so that no one could see it makes you twice blessed .
To find another who wears a "hidden" pentacle it makes you three times blessed

**This does not mean that you need a pentacle or any other symbolic jewelry .
You're braver then you think, the only thing that i can say about your post is that Christianity did not Create Heaven ad Hell, most religions had a concept or reward for the good and the punishment for the evil, Buddhist had a concept of hell, so did the ancient Egyptians, the ancient Greeks, and many Middle Eastern Cultures. But that's beside the point, we're all behind you and you'll find a lot of people who'll be happy to be ther for you, myself included. Joe
first before declaring my beliefs, i will ask a family member about their beliefs. then i will find a way to explain my feeling in their language and way of thinking.
When I was about 4, I remember my mother deciding it was time to start going to church again. She asked my father if he had a preference as to which denomination, and he replied, "I don't care as long as it's not Baptist."

My Mother was raised Methodist, and my father was raised Lutheran. I did not know this until after I was 30.

My mother dressed me up, loaded me in the car, and drove around until she found a church she considered a promising hopeful, which turned out to be the church I grew up with; First Christian Church. Outside of that, my family never discussed religion, the bible, secular, or theological topics.

My father's opinion about Baptists was formed as a child. An Uncle, who I never met, was Baptist. It seems, at family gatherings this uncle was prone to condemning, preaching, and attempting to convert the Hell Bound Sinners for not worshiping in the 'right' way.

This I learned by the time I was 10.

I never told my parents, or the rest of my family for that matter, that I had converted to a pagan religion. They found out in other ways. It was never discussed openly, and no remarks were made. I was not condemned. I found out they knew at Christmas one year. A flood of pagan religious books for presents from family.

What happened to you is not limited to the new religion you have found, but occurs even within families of Christians who are of different Denominations of the Same Religion.

You have my sympathies though.

Your brother, who sounds like an intelligent person, was most likely overcome with the shock of the news. Give him some time. He will likely never agree with your choice of paths, but it is possible he will reconcile himself to your differences and accept YOU anyway.
It is hard to follow the path you've chosen, but, study and above all be discrete about all you do. There are those who will deny you jobs, make fun of you , harass you, or, on occasion try to hurt you all the while convinced of the rightness of their actions. Also being a witch is not like on television, and, even then those characters don't tell people.
I know it's tough: you have discovered something that makes you happy and touches you on a deep level. it is difficult not to share with people that you love.

I am really in the broom closet and have been for years. The situation is such that I have chosen not to damage my relationships. While I would love friends and family to accept what I am, I have to understand their limitations as well. "Keep silent" is very much a part of the tradition even your new studies bring you joy.
My advice to you would be to give yourself more time to learn about the religion and to gain strength in your beliefs. You will need to be able to stand your ground and show them that you are serious about taking this step in your life. I'm not saying to treat it like a battle, because even though it may feel like one, it's not. What you should remember, however, is that not everyone will be immediately accepting of your decision. You can only give them time and explain more about your beliefs to them. About 75% of my family knows that I'm Wiccan. But it wasn't until I was 16 that I told them, and I had been learning about the religion for a few years before I came out and told them. Some were more accepting than others, some still want to believe that this is just a phase, others just think I need to be *saved*. But I agree with Alan, and I can't stress it enough, give yourself more time to become acquainted with the religion and your beliefs before you come out to your family. If you aren't strong in your beliefs, then why should they accept them?


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