That's the one thing every single person alive on this planet really wants to hear. Isn't it? Telling someone "you are special" will cause them to feel seen and heard. They will instantly feel like "Finally, someone actually acknowledges me!"

And when someone does NOT feel special, they might either withdraw socially (like a turtle) or they might SPRAY everyone with their negativity (like a skunk).

We all want to feel special but the world really likes to try and tear us all down. Doesn't it? From childhood, we are told to behave this way, not that. We are pushed into gender and religious roles.  We are bent and molded to fit in to the accepted local culture. 

Yet take an individual raised in an extremely free-flowing accepting environment and put them into a dogmatic monotheistic culture and what do you suppose happens? How does that individual fit into the new culture when things are so very different. 

What about the inverse of that arrangement? Take an ultra-conservative devout person and put them into a fun-loving wild culture and how comfortable will that person feel? 

The online readings I offer (for clients around the world) have convinced me that people are definitely shaped by their immediate culture. What's going on in their individual lives makes them approach life full of confidence or not.

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Seriously?! Not to be a buzz kill but this site is not for advertising or making money. Most of us read tarot, I personally teach tarot and runes. But freely. We are all here to help each other. Trying to make money is for personal gain. Simply my opinion but maybe post this on witchvox or a site where services can be offered. No offense intended.

Plus this sort of post is simply not allowed by admin. 


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