Someone wise, grounded and with a lot of experience with spiritual matters. I just went through something bad with a malicious entity, and I'm trying to figure something out regarding my recent past. 

Something happened to me in December of 2016. I don't recall what day it was, but it was in December. Something weird happened to my brain, I never had it happen before, but it felt like a charge of electricity shocked through it. It was very strange, but I didn't think to go to the ER (I don't have my license and didn't then and was living on my own) so I just shrugged it off and decided to go to bed. I had talked to the neurologist before and he told me the weird tingling stuff in my head was psychosomatic. My psych doctor said otherwise, neither would agree, so I just let it go and accepted it as a part of life. The neurologist didn't seem concerned. 

I turned out the lights and laid down. Next thing I know I'm waking up the next morning, completely in reality, aware of everything, and all my phobias and anxieties and everything had vanished. It was like waking up from a long nightmare. I basically woke up an entirely different person with a changed personality. I know I'm different. It's the little the other day I was in a crowd. In the past I've always had panic attacks and extreme anxiety in crowds. I was severely socially phobic. And the other day? Just...completely calm and at ease. I felt so comfortable and unbothered. That isn't me. That's not normal for me. My spirit guide said all my mental illnesses were cured. I'm slowly going off some of my meds, and I feel more stable and healthier than ever. 

I went to bed that night a disabled person. I woke up changed. I really don't understand. I know what my guides are telling me, but I'm having a hard time believing it. What if it's all just craziness inside my head? A few memories of that night have come forward, but what if it's just my imagination? At this point I don't know what to believe. I've tried talking about it to my psych doctor but he can't explain it and it confuses him. 

What I do that I haven't been manic, depressed, or had any mildly psychotic symptoms, or anxiety since I woke up that morning. I turned into a normal functioning person. The only thing I've noticed is that I seem to have amnesia about periods of my life. Especially after becoming disabled. 

So if anyone has any insight at all....I'm all ears. 

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It sounds like a 'spontaneous recovery,' a term associated with learning and conditioning. Let's say you condition (teach/train) a test animal to press a lever whenever you ring a bell. Then you teach the animal to press the lever when you flash a light and not when you ring the bell. Once you've accomplished this, we can say that the first conditioned response (pressing the lever when you rang the bell) has been extinguished. But then one day, the animal starts to press the lever when you ring the bell and not when you flash the light. In this situation, there was spontaneous recovery of the response that was previously extinguished

Perhaps the surge of of electricity in your brain was a realignment of your previous naturally learned responses that have become the dominant response for you again?  


That's as good a theory as any. It's just....there isn't really a cure you know? For what I had. Most of the time you can control and improve the mental condition, but it doesn't generally go away entirely. People manage their symptoms with medication. It doesn't generally completely go away. I was doing some research on this the other night. It's like my mind was wiped clean of all of it. It could be a spontaneous recovery. I'll do some research on that. I've just never really heard of it before. 

I know before I became disabled in 2010, I was pretty messed up. I had a lot of phobias and struggled with mania and depression, but wasn't treated for it. I was so painfully shy I could barely hold conversations. So I haven't even gone back to who I was before 2010. I am entirely different. 

There may be also another reason for this dramatic shift you have experienced called neuroplasticity. 

Neuroplasticity: The brain's ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.Neuroplasticity allows the neurons (nerve cells) in the brain to compensate for injury and disease and to adjust their activities in response to new situations or to changes in their environment.

The Dalai Lama, asked the same thing of a neurosurgeon. Can mental states affect physical states in the brain? The neurosurgeon said no, the Dalai Lama pressed again, but the surgeon gave the same response, the Dalai Lama, politely let it go. This of course was not a lie but it was seriously being considered at the time as a possibility. Later brain scans of Buddhist monks and others who practised meditation showed certain areas of the brain larger than those who did not. The Dalai Lama was right, mental states can affect physical states.

As you're a spiritual person, this state of neuroplasticity sounds almost like a moment of enlightenment, a transformative event, and in your case, you have essentially cured yourself in this way.

You, are an exceptional human being.

See a doctor. Did you stop taking your meds without your doctors supervision? The meds have to be weaned off of carefully-just stopping them altogether without know how to do it can cause many complications.

I am under a doctor's supervision going off my current medication. I would never go off them on my own without supervision. And I am seeing a doctor. 

Good ).

I'm taking it slow. So far I haven't had any symptoms, just the side effects of some dizziness and headaches. But otherwise....nothing. My moods stabilized after I started going off it. 

Thank you. :)

"Something weird happened to my brain, I never had it happen before, but it felt like a charge of electricity shocked through it."

In old southern terms, you've been touched. Sort of a spiritual baptism, call it what you like. It has a good side and a bad side, but all things work out for the best. Sorry to talk in circles, but hey, life is one big circle.

Oddly....Or maybe not so. I remember seeing an angel that night. And it was mentioned to me in a meditation, that Gabriel was there that night. I don't really remember seeing him, but I could draw you a picture of the white angel. She was all white and glowed...I mean, my room was very dark. I don't remember anything beyond that. Except sitting up in my bed, but my body didn't move. 

There's a mix of scientific and spiritual answers on this page, so thought I'd chime in and say that the two aren't all that distinct. It may be that the miraculous neuroplasticity was caused by someone watching over you. Your description of your dream makes me think that the being may have kickstarted your brain into sorting its pathways out?

I'm just guessing here, but still, it does sound like some combination of medical and spiritual :)

What I find interesting is that in the above conversation you start the discussion with "I just went through something bad with a malicious entity"......and like a flip on a switch your whole discussion is concerning a somewhat 'amazing' and Spiritual experience during the period of December 2016.

The "I just went through something bad with a malicious entity" section does not even share the space..and yet it was the whole reasoning of the first few lines in seeking "Someone wise, grounded and with a lot of experience with spiritual matters".

I also noted that you live at Great Bends PA???? not far from Binghamton?? NY....if that is the case and you still need to talk - I will be at Imagicka, Court Street, Binghamton on Saturday 14th July - you are more than welcome to stop by and 'chat'...


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