I have never been overweight, but I have severe food allergy issues and problems digesting anything containing sugar. My main symptoms are chronic fatigue, brain fog and depression. I'm having a terrible time avoiding the foods and beverages that I know exacerbate my condition. I can go a few days eating with self-discipline, but then I jump off the wagon and eat like a pig -- hot dogs, ice cream, coca-cola. It is pathetic.

Can anyone recommend anything to strengthen my willpower? By body is broken, my heart is stone , but my mind is open.


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This is kind of silly sounding advice, but buy yourself a bag of kale. Don't worry about cooking it so much. Just wash it and walk by before you do something bad and shove a fistful in your mouth. Get some plums and peaches too. Do what you do and notice how much better you start to feel. Gradually, you'll start to want that good feeling body more than the junk food. That's my two bits. Cheers!

Thanks for your suggestions. You are good people.

In response to one your questions: I can't eat sugar in any form, nor can I eat fruits or starchy vegetables like carrots, beans, and potatoes. I've been diagnosed with poor intestinal permeability, otherwise known as a leaky gut. The doctor said I might be able to fix it, but I have to first maintain a strict diet of vegetables, nuts and seeds; and avoid consuming all forms of animal protein for the first week or two.

So I'm just looking for some kind of spell or ritual to boost my puny willpower in general.

I'll copy and paste one I just found:

This is a meditation spell. You will require a number of candles. Basically any shape candles but their colors should be light blue, white or purple.

This spell can be cast anywhere where you can remain for a period of time (the longer the better) and where you will be undisturbed and comfortable. Light the candles and start the incense or potpourri (you don’t need both, just one, or if the candles are scented, that works as well).

Lay down in your comfortable place and chant the following chant:

Give me strength and guide me right,
To my goals when they’re in sight,
But even when they’re far away;
Guide myself towards the day
When I shall stand upon the shore
My conflicts gone forever more.
And guide myself to make the choice,
That I can’t bring myself to voice;
And calm my tormented, ravaged soul,
From right now till forever more.

The more often the chant is spoken, the more will power you will be given. The spell will fade over time and it is best if it is cast weekly.

-- I might try this out, even though I happen to have just one red candle and one white, and no incense or potpourri.

Thanks again for your interest in the plight of a total stranger.

^^^ This. And it's ohrased a bit nicer than what I was going to say.

Looks like the people that post here are @ssholes, same as every other internet forum.

I'm out.


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