ok, so i just wrote a blog about this but i want others opinions.......i am around negative people a lot but i just dont want to keep my shields up at all times when i am around them cuz it is very draining if i do that.......please help

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I understand! My father is one of the most draining, negative people I know. And he is around a lot, because I am pretty much all he has. I find that not keeping my "shields up", as you say, and allowing him to sap my energy is far more draining that keeping them up.
Put up external protections. little guardians to send the energy flow away from you...whether it be in your home, on your desk at work, in your can...crystals turned into a necklace or ring maybe...carry a small protection bag with protection herbs in it...just a few ideas
I hear strawberry quartz is good for channeling away unwanted energy..
It's pretty, too!
Very. :)
Tell me about it.  I work in corrections which means a great deal of my clients are very unhappy, negative people.  My brain is not working at the moment...I keep one of those rocks with the crystals inside that's broken open...dang, can't remember what it's called...in my windowsill filled with sea salt.  I drop essential oils, whichever seems to fit the day, on occasion onto the salt.  I also keep a plant with yellow flowers in my window sill.  I make sure I have fresh flowers in my house, too.  Bright colors and smells seem to help me a lot.  And when I need a time out, I rake my little zen garden.  I also get up, leave the building, and take a walk around the parking lot which physically removes me from where the negative energy is centered.  I also journal about the things that bother me a lot.  Putting some of the energy into words helps it leave my body.  But escaping negativity is an ongoing process.  I've discovered that I need to do some work on a daily basis or it wears me down to the point I get sick or get a migraine.
Sagemoon = Smartness
Yep, that's it!  Oh, and thanks for the compliment.  I think you are wonderful, Bloom.
I think in situations like this it can be very difficult, I have had a great deal of difficulty over the course of my life forming boundaries for such people. I think an important process is at least creating internal barriers in terms of the exposure to the behavior as well as allowing yourself an adequate amount of downtime to process/recover from the instances you encounter.
well it is kind of hard for me to keep things like those you have mentioned at my desk i work in a clean room and i cant have anything on my desk at all....but i will look for something to carry around in my pockets.....even if i do get a free moment to meditate the energy away from me and try to keep my shields up at the same time then i have more negativity coming at me from other places as well
do aura meditation. program your aura to reflect the energy.
or clean your aura 2 or 3 times a day. either or.


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