I don't have a clue what  response I get with this topic well I just  listen to a song call ( NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN  WITH GODDESS IN HER EYES ) by Emerald Rose   (Celtic folk rock band ) well any ways I listen to the the words to the song and got me thinking . The song has a point us guys should show more respect to women in our lives and cherish them for they are our backbone they nourish us when we are sick . so am here to say thank you to all women (with Goddess in your eyes ) being there for us OH the song ( Pagan Girl ) by Emerald ROSE also ROCKS

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Trying to not sound like a suck up.
I love, worship and adore the feminine spirit and energy in the universe.
I too, have written songs that praise the Goddess and therefore, every woman that recognizes the Goddess within her.
Awwh! This is so sweet and refreshing! As a Lady, I can honestly say I appreciate this sentiment and songs like that. Thank you so much for sharing!

On the other side of the coin, I feel like I need to learn how to appreciate men more. A lot of experiences with abusive men have made me bitter, biased and generally judgemental of all men...But that isn't fair. So what songs or advice would you have to help me overcome this negative, hurtful mentality?
Hi, This is Arthur from Emerald Rose. Thanks for your kind words.
Arthur this is Lady Rhiannon, when will you be coming back to the Chrimson Moon? Hope it will be soon! LR
The truth is that her business model and ours do not fit right now. I hope that her business improves comes spring, and we will be back.
I will be seeing you at the Holly Theater on St Pat's day! I was wondering when you would seek other digs? It is a good thing when one starts on a new path, and wishes the other's path be filled blessings. As always BB&MM LR
I'll just start this by giving my personal opinion of women in general- They, and they alone, are the reason for civilization. So, they're better than we mere men and should be honored and respected.

My reasoniong is simple, gather a group of men from any culture, put them in a wooded area with firewood, something do drink, some food and a book of matches. Trust me we're all going to do the same thing, build a fire, play with said fire, cook and possibly burn the food (and pick on the one that burned the food.) Then we will drink, argue, tell crude jokes, the guy playing with fire is going to get burned and we're going to laugh... Now, any guy who's done this will agree it was a great day and they had a good time. So, If this is a guys idea of a good time, why did we stop living in caves and wearing furs...

Thank You Ladies LOL
I love this, I have just copied and pasted this in my book of legends! LOL. Thanl you, BB&MM LR
Lmao! That's too adorable. XD And that's why we love our men. But I think you give us women a tad too much credit. I cannot agree that we're better. Maybe in some ways we are, but then men are better in others. It takes both sexes to create civilization. Don't forget to give yourself and your fellow men credit!

Though really...I DO appreciate hearing that we're better. Too often I've encountered men who think we're on the level of whipping dogs.
Thanks for sharing this, great song, wonderful group.


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