I don't have a clue what  response I get with this topic well I just  listen to a song call ( NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A WOMAN  WITH GODDESS IN HER EYES ) by Emerald Rose   (Celtic folk rock band ) well any ways I listen to the the words to the song and got me thinking . The song has a point us guys should show more respect to women in our lives and cherish them for they are our backbone they nourish us when we are sick . so am here to say thank you to all women (with Goddess in your eyes ) being there for us OH the song ( Pagan Girl ) by Emerald ROSE also ROCKS

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I see Emerald Rose everytime they come to the Chrimson moon cafe in Dalonaga, Ga. It is only 20 mins from my house. They are a hoot. They actually teased me last time I was there, and mentioned "A Crone is someone you can trust, for money is not what she has a lust! LOL, Love them, Glad you like them also! LR
the Goddess is in my eyes?

... so that's what that burning sensation is.
LMAO. Omg, you're right! *runs to mirror to check it out*
Thank you sleepy badger, I for one appreciate your thoughts.


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