I thought as we build  one of Hecates sacred places here we could also introduce ourselves and get to know one another as well here.

Goddess Blessings


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Greetings, I am Bruder Isidorus, devoted to the One Goddess whose Faces are many, including Hecate.

I have only a bit of knowledge about Hecate, such as Her role in the Descent of Persephone, so I hope I can learn more from this group and eventually share here what I learn from other sources.

Many Blessings
I am glad you are here it is funny I have also worked with Inanna whom I belive Her sister is Her other half as we all have a shadow

I am Mystress dedicated to both Hecate and Morrigan and do work with at times Inanna and have Kuan Yin to balance
As I can be blunt and at times will have the attide dont give a darn I kiss no but either and have no respect for those who do

I have been a Pagan and witch most of my life and about 10 years agon was drawn to Hecate and later Morrigan. I am a 3rd degree in Wicca but now follow more eclectic path

I do not have good eyes so I have to work harder on things lols
My heart has always been more drawn to the Goddess more then the God
it is me I guess .Sometimes I think I was born to be Dianic

I love learning from various paths and others as I do not know it all myself

Blessed be
Otherwise known as John, sometimes. I have been studying Wicca for almost a year, and will be a seeker for some time. I have strong connections with the elements and the God, but I have known that the real depth is missing. Many of the posts of Mistress are striking good chords, so I am hoping to find a missing part here. Worship is so incomplete without it.
I also "study" many paths. I am finding that much was already in me and it is now important to me to find everything that I already was, and grow from there.
I am daily annoyed at how much I was striving for right things as a child and was so limited by my parents ignorance, and society. It is so nice to find some encouragement.
Have a good day, John sometimes
Thank you very very much for sharing and truth be known we are all still learning, I can;t stand those who think they know it all LOLs but I have fun with them I can be bad, I will toy with know it alls lols
Mistress , blessings
hello all! I have some familiarity/knowledge of many goddesses, but Hecate has always called me and I have not answered yet. When I saw the group I knew it was another calling to learn more about her. Blessings!
Blessings and welcome glad to have you here:)
Hello, Everyone, I'm Hermione.
Merry Meet Glad you are here !!!!
Oh I agree.
Merry meet I am darkrune. A solitary ecclectic. I've always been drawn to hecate. Have studied and worked w other goddesses but always rteturn to hecate. Want to learn all I can. Thanks for having me. Much love and goddess bless.


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