I'll keep this short and simple. Any good books or maybe even sites on New Orleans style voodoo?

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Of course I got a few good ones out there for you:


The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook- this is an excellent book and has some good details for you on how to make certain products and how to construct certain devices. The only thing its really laking is a few details on the whys.


A Century of Spells- this really isn't about voodoo, but its based on New Orleans Hoodoo and because New Orleans Voodoo implies a lot of works of hoodoo this is another good one I recommend for anyone.


Charms, Spells & Formulas- again not really about the voodoo itself but the hoodoo, has some great things in their about Louisiana Voodoo Hoodoo.


I have the last two books....I'm on the fence about the voodoo-hoodoo spellbook, just the details about it seem kinda iffy to me.


Charms, Spells & Formulas is an OK book....I think it is a little sugar coated but there are some good traditional formulas in there that'll work in a pinch. Also the little bit on psalms is good info too.

I just got the Voodoo-Hoodoo Spellbook and I was a bit iffy about it too, its an alright book. Its not my all time favorite, partially because all the information I have is hand passed down from my biological mother and my hoodoo mama you know? So the stuff in other books are a little distant to me. But it wasn't a bad book, it tells you how to make certain inks which I thought was interesting, but there is some stuff in there I think you might find interesting. They leave out some crucial information though, don't they all?, but over all its not a too bad book if you want some traditional spells, and they do describe the Loa which was a good bonus to the book I thought.

I don't know how traditional those spells are actually. I believe I read some of the author's work before and she uses the term "So mote it be!" at the end of her spells. If that's traditional New Orleans voodoo or hoodoo then making spaghetti with lo-mein noodles is authentic Italian cuisine. *lol*

*nods in agreement* Is that what you are looking for? Some traditional books? You really won't find any. There are few out there. It would just be best to move to New Orleans and go somewhere who practices the New Orleans Voodoo or hoodoo.
Voodoo and hoodoo are pretty widely practiced here in the south. When I was a kid living in Cuba we had Santeria and haitian voudu practioners there and then moving to Miami where voodoo is also widely practiced. I'll just check out one of the local botanicas. :)
That's a wonderful idea Ross, good luck!!! Keep me updated and let me know if you find what you are looking for :)
I definitely agree with Magical Powers of the Saints, but he doesn't incorporate the Saints to my knowledge right Ross? I can't remember.
Me? Of course! In regards to your topic about saints I was simply stating that not all hoodoo style practioners work with saints. I personally do work with them. I always wear what I call my All Saints bracelet (a bracelet that depicts many different saints) for good fortune. :)
Oh cool. Sorry for the misinterpreation than, that's my bad haha. I work with chaplets personally :)

Awesome thank you Eventide! :)


I've been wanting Magical Power of the Saints for a while now.

Its a not to bad book more or less, there are some down sides to it, but I do quite enjoy it. I think you would like it too, now that I know you work with Saints.


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