My cell phone has no text,I can barely remember my password sometimes. I don't have a Ipad,Tpad,Kpad or any of those or if those are even the correct terms. I've found when I need help,as a teenager in my neighborhood. they know the latest! David has a blackberry,but he tells me those are "outdated" now......How do you keep up with all the new tech "stuff"? I don't.......

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I also have an iPhone and also thought WTF when I found out you need an apt at a store. Just thinking, how would that look at your job if you told your boss you need a day off to get your phone fixed? Lol!

My Son gota fancy,smancey one too at Sprint and when he went for help,the dude new less than Josh....after over an hour wait

Long live the free droid!


simple. ima nerd.

eh, been running linux on all the  pc's  in my house, through need and desire  i've been learning to build and repair pc's. need to cause  i haven't the  $ to pay a tech to fix em!!   i've been running my home network ethernet and wifo for  around 10 yrs or so.  keeping the pc's clean an running  trying to keep security...etc.  I’ve  played with apple, windows and  linux  pc os's.  been hacking my cellphones for 10 yrs or so. now have android to play with :D 

   *shrug* ima nerd. :D

mind  all our pc's are older,  but we  have 2 droids, 2  tablets, 6 pc's ...umm...think that covers it.. my girls school gave  all their  students  acer laptops this year with all their  books  interactive online. pretty  nifty.

i hate apple products.  their arrogant attitude and  the way they design the shit so what takes me 20 minutes to diagnose or fix in a windows machine takes  me 6 hrs  on a i-BS POS?  really? bastards. screw em. them and starschmucks....status symbol overpriced trashy crap!  the sneaky  sheister way they  sell, eekking  out  updates so as  to force you to buy the newest version.

 if someone gave me a top of the  line  apple pc? i'd hand it over to my  ADHD 20 yr old and  watch as he destroys  it..over  time!  mind you.  might last a year.........  if he  paid attention..*smirk*

the  ONLY apple/MAC i ever  liked was my apple II C.   yeah  that was many years back!

*snicker* ima nerd. *giggling*

My David is my Tech Guy......He can be nerdy

Lucky you! I'm still using hard-wiring for my laptop and smart tv, cause I've never been able to figure out how to set up a wireless connection! I hired a geek from BestBuy but the mess he setup was a disaster. I was been fighting with BestBuy for over a year for a refund, until I just gave up, which is what they wanted, I'm sure. I no longer buy anything from them and steered all my family away as well. Some of them had their own horror stories to tell about dealing with our local BestBuy.

I even have a KindleFire I inheirted from my mom that I can't use, because I lack Wi-Fi.

p.s. Azriel, if you ever decide to donate brain cells let me know. I want to be first in line! Maybe then I'll understand some of this stuff!!! :)

LOL Hecate _Maat.......If I didn't have a tech savy husband,I'd be jimmied too...All over my head


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