My cell phone has no text,I can barely remember my password sometimes. I don't have a Ipad,Tpad,Kpad or any of those or if those are even the correct terms. I've found when I need help,as a teenager in my neighborhood. they know the latest! David has a blackberry,but he tells me those are "outdated" now......How do you keep up with all the new tech "stuff"? I don't.......

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I have a iPhone which most of the time I can't stand it. Want to go back to my keyboard phone. Also have a computer and my kindle that I love though I would prefer a nook since those have a backlight so I can read in the dark if I need to.

I am ok at fixing most problems. I have had to uninstall all programs and reinstall them to get my computer working again. After the 4th time of crashing I just said screw it! And sold it on eBay after I fixed it again. Bought a better one.
I sort of keep up with new things, but mostly I am slightly behind the times. I am not one that needs the latest and greatest, who stands in line for hours just to get one. I am the guy that waits a year or two, or more, until the bugs are worked out, then gets whatever at 1/4 the cost.

Some folks do.......already seeing lines ,lining up at best buy,gesssssss

I get a new iPhone every two years. But through a trade in program at Att. So I don't pay the super high rate of the new phone.
I opted not to have texting. I didn't want to pay extra for something that I was easily able to replace by using messaging instead or email.
I don't know why people still text and pay for it... Email and messaging are free :)

What do you all think of using the Cell Phones on planes,they are pushing?

there is a legit reason NOT to use cellphones for calling while  on a  plane, but that’s why they have the airplane  mode option, so you can play games or read and  not  interfere with communications. i don't fly EVER, until the  rent a cops at the airports  go away i won't be flying. d'rather drive anyway.

I fly a lot and honestly? listening to everyone around me chatting will bug the hell out of me......

thats actually the best if you want  your  info as  much as  possible to be  private.   i tell ya  if  i didn't have google calender to sync across all my devices? i'd be  lost.

Is there a "Tech" dictionary or something that tells us what all these things are,Ipad,notebook,ect??

How much access to the general public do we allow when we're online quite a bit? I think a lot.why some are very careful and private. I just read that Obama care website,lost a lot of socisl security numbers......

I have several notebooks around my house to Bubbles

Thank you bubbles! I thought I was the only one left on the planet who still does all that. I too do not trust tech stuff when it comes to privacy. My cousin who is a total tech nut used to laugh at how 'old fashioned and behind the times' I was. Until he became the victim of identity theft. The headache, money loss and just out right damage he suffered shut him up FAST! Last I heard around the start of school he was buying a boat-load of notebooks at a discount store!!! LOL!


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