My cell phone has no text,I can barely remember my password sometimes. I don't have a Ipad,Tpad,Kpad or any of those or if those are even the correct terms. I've found when I need help,as a teenager in my neighborhood. they know the latest! David has a blackberry,but he tells me those are "outdated" now......How do you keep up with all the new tech "stuff"? I don't.......

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3 Cheers for notebooks!! (The pen and paper kind)

I work in telecommunications. Technology is always changing... To "keep up", you might as well be a gerbil in an exercise wheel! LOL

I'd imagine being in the industry IS the only way to know the cutting edge "stuff"......

Never been a fan of any apple products, prefer android stuff. Easy to use and plenty of free apps, easy to put music onto as well. 

I don't even have those head set thingies,lol


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