Well I am new to actually expressing everything. I knew at a young age something was different about me. I always had an affinity with nature and animals. All animals would come to me regardless if they were "mean" or nice. Shoot, once my dad caught me in our shed as a kid with a mom possum and her babies just hanging out with them. He tried to get me to get away and the thing hissed at him and protexted me. When I was younger, I felt like I was more enlightened than I feel like I am now. I remember having the third eye pressure, and the shuddering, terrifying, but awesome feeling in living in the exact moment. When I started on my route down this, my mother yelling saying it was the devils work. Told me not to think like that and act like a Christian. I put it aside and felt like something was off. I went to church and was baptised but I feel like my heart was only partly there. As I grow, I feel like I can love God, and praise the Gods and Goddesses around us. Because in essence isn't it the same thing? To love everything and I mean EVERYTHING as you would yourself? After a major heartbreak, I started searching for something but didnt know what. It started with tarot card readings, then crystals, insense and then my third eye pressure started again and the feeling of being on the right path. I mean the synchronicity that was going on around me was insane.

Well life keeps going, and my kids need more and more of my time, my job, and my significant other (who also practices meditation and crytal therapy after he met me) and I feel like Im starting in the middle. What I'm trying to ask is how do I meditate to become grounded and centered. Clearing chakras and the mental research and aspect of becoming who I feel like I need to be. Do you guys have any tips for beginners like me?

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Follow your heart. Do what you feel drawn to do. This is about you, make your own path.

Yes, listen and learn from others, books, internet, and interaction, but ultimately it is going to be your own experiences that guide you along the way.

Thank you so much!!!

Looks like you're already on the right path.

Many of us start in the middle, having been drawn to paganism early, only to be diverted by parents/well meaning family/loved ones to Christianity, only to go back to our earliest calling later in life.

Yes, it does feel like a homecoming.  It felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders, and instead of always feeling inadequate and inferior and fearful.  Now I only now felt joy and eager anticipation of learning in my original path.

Your SO can teach you better how to ground and center yourself so you can be more open to what messages that are out there for you.  Your third eye pressure is definitely trying to tell you something.

It's so nice to know I'm not the only one who has experienced this.

'how do I meditate to become grounded and centered.'

My website suggests how this can be achieved, from a Goddess perspective. When you speak of loving god you sound like a priestess of the Idaeans.

What is the link to your website? I'd love to check it out. And what is Idaean? I'm curious to learn about it


Here is the link

The Idaeans are what I call the Minoans a bronze age people who lived on the Island of Crete.

They would worship on the mountain Ida now called Psiloritis on Crete named after King Minos who wasn’t a king but an underworld judge. There has in fact been a total absence of kings or chieftains on this island during the Bronze Age.

The Minoans were neither Mycenaean nor Greek, but belong to Old Europe, long before the Indo-Europeans arrived. They travelled far and wide, and made it to Britain in the south of England, and even been credited with the construction of Stonehenge.


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