Want to send a blow to big oil and do something good for the planet at the same time? Do not purchase gas for 24 hours March 31st 12:00am - April 1st 12:00 am. Tell everyone you know to participate!

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Chuck Norris can drive a car without gas...or an engine.
I have to agree with Ron on this one...unfortunately we all need fuel to drive our cars, run our furnaces, our stoves. It sucks really to be so dependent on Big oil.
we have a walk to work day, much better idea. if you catch the bus/train then you get off a couple of stops early. it is not really the same concept, more for health but it also helps the environment a little bit by people not using their cars that day.
didnt think about that so i checked it out...retailers make about 10-12 cents a gallon and yes using public transportation,etc. is a great idea,i think not buying gas for a day seems to be aimed more at reducing the prices here in U.S. since costs havent really gone up,yet.
We are going to have to start making sacrifices at some point,any suggestions,big or small?

I have let my car sit for up to months at a time. Even when we stop using their fossil fuels, there will be others who continue to use. I wish it were that easy, but if we all stop driving until the end of the summer, your plan might have a chance at success. you cannot fathom how much wealth has been amassed by these folks.



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