not a major rant, more like minor irritation of stupidity!

i was just wondering if anyone has stupid neighbors or shares a house with a dumb tenant.

i was just outside putting my plants in, spoke to the bottomstairs tennant and they left and locked me out of the house! grrrrr

sometimes i think they think someone is going to steal the house.

now i know to always carry my keys withme.

i would love to hear if anyone else has dumb neighbors!

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the bottom tenants are moving out.. i hear.. but i actually cant wait. i had an argument with them about the driveway , solved that problem and now they lock me out.. grrrr

the husband actually wanted me to get rid of my second car.. what nerve......i think it will be quiet once they move.
we had alot of kids in the street at my old apartment that never used to look where they are going.. now we got the skateboarders but at lest they stay to oneside out of the way.
I've got a chronically unemployed alcoholic two doors down. He's a total hick, too. He talks like Boomhauer (sp?) from King of the Hill. He's got a foul mouth and fights with his wife outside where the whole neighborhood can hear. He lets his dogs run free in the neighborhood. He shoots birds with his bb gun. He eats the pigeons and doves he shoots. And he steals fruit off neighbor's trees. On the bright side, he's generous with the veggies out of his garden.
e gads.. not sure whether to thank him or shoot him!
My neighbors do this all the time! They will actually see me coming up the driveway, and will still lock the door! Dumb!
the one good thing is this is now a quiet street for the most part. we used to hear all the drama when we lived in haverstraw...

my other neighbor when i used to live there was the village busybody and had to constantly know my bussiness. we couldnt even sit outside. i finally lit a black candle in front of her and tons of sge.. i dont think it endeared me to the last landlord.. but it got my point across..

i do not miss that place at all
i know they were talking right too me and didnt tell me the door was locked.
I'm currently dealing with a dumb roommate who thinks that just because she moved in with her boyfriend she doesn't have to pay the rent. She's still on the lease! She hasn't tried to get off the lease! Her stuff is still in her room! GRRRRR!! Stupid.
Now THAT would piss me off!
Tell me about it. >_> The worse part is that I work with her and she's avoiding me like the plague. She knows she's wrong! She knows! This isn't some ditzy, "what?" she knows she's wronging me and my boyfriend (who's jobless btw).
My neighbor has a lighted cross in his window that he turns on whenever I come outside. It's in the window facing my house. Then he calls all his kids in.

He has EIGHT kids, all under the age of 12, all boys except for one 3 year old girl. He got offended when I didn't invite his swarm of yardapes to my daughter's 11th birthday party. He and his "wife" don't work, their rent is paid by Section 8. He said something snotty to my daughter and made her cry. First of all, my daughter doesn't get to say who gets invited. I'm the adult. That's MY call. So he got shitty with my little girl over a decision I made. And I did not want those 8 ill behaved, ignorant little ghetto byblows in my freaking house where everything I have was paid for by hard work and discipline.

I laid down black salt on the property line, so he hasn't been bothering us lately, but I want them to move. They've alienated everyone on our street, and people are getting seriously fed up with them.
Yardapes! Byblows! ROFLMAO!!!!!!


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