not a major rant, more like minor irritation of stupidity!

i was just wondering if anyone has stupid neighbors or shares a house with a dumb tenant.

i was just outside putting my plants in, spoke to the bottomstairs tennant and they left and locked me out of the house! grrrrr

sometimes i think they think someone is going to steal the house.

now i know to always carry my keys withme.

i would love to hear if anyone else has dumb neighbors!

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just wish i was the one that bitch slapped her lol lol
I had a neighbor that was the worst years ago when I lived in a half double.Cock Roaches 57 cats that kept breeding with each other over and over,they would get sick and die.She would put them in her back yard in trash bags.Her son was 13 and the biggest nuesance,I love kids don't get me wrong,but every time I went outside he opened his door bothering me.I used to feel bad for him and let him come over every day and eat with me.But then I realized one day I was allergic to flea bites,I broke out in hives.

These people didn't pay thier water bill and asked to shower at my place all four of them I let them.I even got tired of that you try to be nice and they walk all over you.
About 2 years ago I had these next-door neighbors who insisted on letting thier friends park in my parking space. I asked them numerous times to tell thier friends to use the "guest parking" (I live in a condo-complex). Finally when I returned home one night to find another car in my space, I proceeded to pee in the open passengers side window.
About a month later I took toilet paper that I wiped my ass with and wiped it all over the doorknob to thier house. Making sure there was nothing to "see" but there was definitly a covering of bacteria.
They never mentioned anything to me about it....But they soon moved away! Muahahahahahaaaaa!
heh.. I wonder why! i might throw a major protection spell your way if you did that to me. but then again remind me not to park in your space.
The lesson here- It's best to leave distubed things undisturbed.
yaaaaa!!!!!! i guess so!
Good question =/
Maybe some people feel/think that they can do without it.
My downstair neighbor is convinced that I should sleep with him because I am a sexually liberated female and a swinger, but I had to tell him I don't piss in my chili. He knows not to ask anymore...:)
Just the general staring. But the funny thing is, the whole town has that issue.
I must be a celebrate or incredibly gorgeous to get that kind of staring action. ;P
Oh that aint nuttin' people stare at me ALL th' time, an I shore as hell aint purty!
thank the gods my husband and i have our own house.
LOL! That's no guarantee you won't get asshole neighbors. I own my home as well, and I still have to put up with dipsticks.

I love my house. I wish I had the money to move it onto about 10 acres.


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