Hey y'all *HUGS*! :D

     i'm new here,  but  i wanted to ask around about this.  i live  in Lima Ohio. i have been involved with/know of a couple of Pagan groups that just simply imploded.

  it seems as  if NW Ohio but  Lima in particular just cannot get a good group together and  keep it together. 

 what i personally saw was to many people i call "Playgans" in groups that could have been ok but for the ego &/or dick stroking that went on. to many people there for the sex, the drugs/alcohol.  i personally feel wounded by what i went through with the 1 circle, the 2nd one i was involved with i was way more guarded. and it too went the way of the dodo.

   so what gives with this  place? is it cursed? i know there are some weird shenanigans  that did go on in Toledo but  i luckily wasn't  involved with them folks/ only met em once.

so..any thoughts? idea's? anyone  know the groups i speak of? if ya do i'd love to get YOUR  input  on this.




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after  what i went through with the groups here, i've  kept to myself and a couple very close friends.

Daughter of Zion had a good point, start one.  I'm from Dallas, TX and there are plenty of Pagan grps there, "if you build it, they will come".  There are Pagans in every community, and people unsure of their beliefs abound, offer them an option and man the flood gates for the water will rise fast.

hmm, great suggestions all! TY everyone....i think a discussion group is a fab idea...i am going to think on that one...

*HUGS* all around!

I think it would be so cool if we Pagans and Wiccans of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan organized a central Beltane ritual like the one at Calton hill in Scotland.  

Only, the fire imps of the forces of chaos would be the colors of the team that lost Ohio State Michigan game the year before.  The May Queen and White Ladies and Greenman would have on the colors of the team that won.

This ritual is also used to profess one's love to another, propose marriage and even hold a handfasting ritual.  It also looks like a lot of fun for a May Eve party. So; whattaya think of this idea?

Hi Daphnis,

Please excuse my interruption into this thread. Because you may still be looking for a festival to attend, may I kindly suggest you look into Michigan Pagan Fest?  It takes place at the Wayne County Fairgrounds which is probably not too far from your location in northwest Ohio.

It is run by a highly skilled and organized person who learned through and has lots of experience with Florida Pagan Gathering. I can recommend it highly. The Detroit festival is coming up in a few months and I think you will like it and make good contacts there. Several well-known authors will present along with other classes and entertainment.

No  naked torch runs though!

Thanks for listening!

That  looks FANTASTIC!!   interesting idea as well.  would  we be allowed to do some such here  though? between the cops and  or  other religious  groups that  might protest a Pagan get together?

Just in general, it is against the law to discriminate against groups because of their race or religion. How FPG or Michigan Pagan Fest got around that situation, I don't know. It may be just because they made a really good impression on the owners of the campgrounds where the festivals are held...the founders of FPG were a Daytona Beach detective, a bona fide rocket scientist who has patents on machinery in space (moon, Mars, etc), a Registered Nurse, etc. The founder of Michigan Pagan Fest learned the ropes from them. So, go to Michigan and absorb.

There was some concern about protesters initially  in Florida, which is essentially in the Bible belt, but no protesters ever manifested themselves.  Really good wards!

Sorry, to jump into your discussion, but I too have had similar experiences in this area. I live south of BG and have had no luck with groups in this area either. They are either to small, full of newbies, or over sexed and over drugged morons. I know this thread is several months old, but I was wondering if there has been any new developments to your issues? Or, did you find a group? 

BLESS YOU!! it isn't just me!!  I've temporarily suspended my search for a while, life  threw me a few curve balls so, i'm dealing with that at the  mo.  but  if i hear of anything  i will let you  know. 

  Lima is  reminding me an aweful lot  like sunnydale cali from BTVS..WAY too many graveyards and churchs for such a small area..it's  CREEPY!!



ugh what is wrong with Ohio...I have not been able to find anything that isn't specifically wiccan or on the outskirts of the city. I contacted a group by email once and the person who responded wanted me to basically prove myself/justify why I should be allowed in their group which I did not do. A little too much like a job interview for me. Seems rather hush-hush here too.

I can completely relate. I once had the same issue. I heard about a group that had been around for a long time, they seemed solid and legitimate. I "interviewed" with one of them and had to be reviewed by two additional members afterwards. I have to say I have had bank loans that were less intrusive and time consuming. Anyway, after all was said and done, I was invited to attend one of their ceremonies. It was appalling! They were all apparently following the "teachings" of their leader, and it was some really off the wall stuff. I have found that there is a fine line with what some people consider paganism, or even Wicca, versus what I would call a cult. So, while most groups being selective allows them from getting pretenders and flakes from disrupting everyone else, it also allows other "groups" the chance to find a new minion. I have found that most stable and legitimate groups while being selective, also are very open and friendly about their process of joining. Usually they just invite you to join them for a ceremony, or a get-together and actually try to get to know you. Recently, I have been just using my own craft to help me find what I am seeking. Positive energy seeking positive energy, so if there are other groups near me and it is meant to be it will find a way. 

i hope it works  out for you. :D  


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