I didn't vote for him, but I listened many times to people refer to Obama as a Marxist and a Socialist and though I never went in-depth in his campaign policies, letting his identity as Democrat speak for itself, and aside from those accusations, if one was to not have knowledge of the analyses of his policies long before his recent assertion of power, power that he really doesn't have, on the immigration issue, then one could say by that action alone that that action is not only a betrayal of the words he's said about his executive powers as President, but a betrayal of his identity as a Democrat.

I haven't taken the time to get into the details of his Presidency regarding this issue, only that I know that he is seeking to write a bill that circumvents the relationship with Congress required to sign bills into law, in order to enact this particular policy of legalizing millions of illegal immigrants instead of taking action to deport them, and without knowing anything further it still strikes me as a direct failure of his identity as a Democrat.

He failed as Commander-In-Chief when he let those detained at Guantanamo go for a soldier known to be a deserter, and he commented on ISIL, not that they were an organization that threatened the social stability of the areas they sought to take over, but that what they do "isn't real Islam." What place does he have to say what is real Islam and what isn't? How could he make a comment from an official presidental address, about them "not practicing real Islam," and then, as President, defining what Islam is? When it's not even his professed religion?

People talk about how Obama's a Muslim, and I have heard it said often. While I'm not going to speak on his religious loyalties, here's a tidbit of information concerning the influence of Islam on the structure of governments:

There is a document called Ordinances of Government, where in Muslim governments, they are run by an elected caliph (or imam) and then he selects people to run the government with him, almost exactly how our Presidental office and his Cabinet made of people of his choosing.
That might not seem relevant, but it is. He stood up and said that what ISIL was doing wasn't real Islam, and by saying that, he was sort of acting as caliph by speaking on Islam in such a way, and the fact that that part of the government is likely modeled after something that came from a document about Muslim governments isn't a coincidence.
So really, he isn't a Democrat at all and ceased to be one a long time ago. My question is, was he ever one?

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Your comment could have done without the unnecessarily large image.
Pinocchio's got wood.

I can't even read this. I am so outraged at his "presidency". I didn't vote for him either. I was on my way to vote for the woman! And was thwarted by a double line of fake officers. Members of Harper's regime. He fought his way into that house, he didn't get voted in, nor did he win. So sad. So glad this eight years is almost over. It's been a fucking nightmare and I am glad to still be alive today.

Her profile says she's from New York. I'm not sure what she means by "he fought his way into that house, he didn't get voted in, nor did he win" when Obama was the clear winner. 




Barack Obama Democratic Illinois 65,465,269 50.95% 332
Mitt Romney Republican Massachusetts 60,782,804 47.31% 206

Possibly dual citizenship, I suppose? Or someone who changes residency for school/work?

Democrat vs Republican is irrelevant. They are just false labels put on an overarching corporate control mechanism. If you look at what many presidents have done going back throughout our history, you will see how the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been trampled on. We as individual citizens of the US are not required to know much about these documents, but if you start to look at them, you become appalled at what has been happening for many long years now. There are free courses from Hillsdale College if you want to learn more. http://online.hillsdale.edu/ You will start to see with clearer eyes.

is there a course on the instigation of mob violence

for a specific result/agenda??

I'm sorry people near you insist on repeating stupid lies: but that's all that they are.  Obama is not, and has never been a Muslim.  Obama is not, and has never been a Marxist: in fact his beliefs are pretty much the opposite of Marxism (he favors privatization in most cases, and does not much like unions if his response to Walker's crackdown is anything to go by).  He is a moderate, or possibly even right wing (depending on who you ask, and how you evaluate his actions as president & as senator from Illinois) Democrat.  Honestly, many Democrats, myself included have gotten rather disappointed with the party as a whole lately: largely, though not totally, due to Obama and his ilk.  So you can tell your neighbors to stop beating a dead horse the next time they ask you "did you know Obama is a Muslim Socialist?".  It's old news, even Fox News has moved on to fresher fare.  

I don't care for either side. I don't care for the system as a whole. I don't like the idea of democracy. Its a government run under mob rule and most people are stupid and easily lead to vote for things that are not in their best interests simply because they did not take the time to research all the true facts before voting. I actually want to see a one world government that follows an almost identical version of our current constitution, but instead of having the rabble vote for a new leader every few years. Have the government be run by a small group of something like the 10 smartest people on the planet and give them semi-dictatorial rule. They are allowed to make almost any law as long as it fits within the guidelines of the constitution. If it doesn't then that's when the general public can speak up and ask for a vote on it. Also if the majority of the public thinks their leaders have become corrupt, which is bound to happen at some point. Then they can hold a vote to have them all replaced with the next smartest people under them. So basically it would be in their best interests to stay on the peoples good side lest they be replaced.

But that's all just a general idea of what id like to see. There are a lot of other factors I've accounted for but don't feel like going into at the moment.

That's exactly what the system already does.  

Who's to say that the "ten smartest people in the world" would not become corrupt, particularly given dictatorial powers?  Which individuals from which countries would be allowed this honour?  What form of constitution would be considered 'universal' enough to work for the entire world, with its diverse belief systems and customs?

If the general public were allowed to vote on things, the most populous cultures would overcome those with the fewest numbers.  

As for getting to choose the 'next smartest' people in a group, that's what elections are.  Don't like your current leader?  Vote for a different one in the primaries.  We already have that power.  Theoretically the politicians already know that they could be replaced, but they've programmed the population to vote for them anyway, so they never get ousted.  

I would say that the better way to run things would be small communities governing themselves.  Fewer politics, more real-world dealings.


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