The Wizard Oberon Zell Ravenheart was on TV this Week end. this is the link to see the show.

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Well , Obi , famous ye be !


It will be "nice" , when one day the media did not portray us as "fools"...

But Oberon ( previously Otter ) Zell , has always been one to put on a show...

From the days of his "Unicorn" goat , and the Renn Faires , to his Grey Wizards

School , to the Green Egg magazine ( and all the infighting in the community ) ,

to his days , and nights with the Church Of All Worlds , and times with Gwydion ,

Alison , Anodea , and wife Morning Glory ( travel well , dear waterkin ! ) , and

of course the Ravenheart Community...

I attended rituals , and feasts , and more , with Oberon , Morning Glory , and

other Waterkin , in Ukiah , Harbin Hot Springs , and other gatherings , through

the years...It was "sad" to hear of Morning Glory's passing...:(...

Yet , Oberon has carried on , and is the magical rascal he always was...

Yet , he is much deeper than this...and does know much , gathered over time...

He is one of the "Grand Fathers" of the magical community...I wish him well !

And though Ravenheart Community did not show up in a search , this shall

give an idea of how he was and is intimately connected with the Pagan World...

( May you never thirst , my friend ! )

I'm just a beginner , with a little of life experience , my friend...;)

Now , if I did half the things I wanted

That would be a story !

This will give you an idea of his wife

who helped him come as far as he has

Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart from Zack Darling on Vimeo.

I'm always happy to see real magick get a bit of publicity, even if it does look a little silly. 

Oberon Zell Ravenheart has so many cool things.

yeah im proud to be one of the Students of hes School

You know , Severinus , a wise wizard , knows how to spell ,

and use proper pronunciation , not just "spell" , as in magic...

I know you are from another country , and I do mean this very

respectfully , but so many pagans , witches , wizards , etc. ,

are extremely sloppy with language , yet expect to be good with

magic , and ritual...

I tell *my* students , if they cannot spell words , and use proper

pronunciation , do not come to me , to learn to "spell"...

The reason for this , is if they are too lazy to learn language usage ,

they will be too lazy to learn magic properly , and could create more

harm than good for themselves and others...

Spelling of magical words properly , is no more important , than learning

and using one's primary , or secondary languages properly...;)

One wrong letter in a magical talisman , can create possible chaos...

I advocate it is the same with English , and other world languages ,

and more pagans especially , if they practice ritual and magic , need

to apply themselves to basics of everday language , before learning a

magical one...

And , if you choose , while giving Oberon my high regards , you could

say I said this...( I do wish you the best in your studies )...;)


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