The discussions on racism that keep cropping up reminded me of a video I stumbled onto on YouTube. I’m not going to post a link to the video, nor did I post a comment on the video list because I don’t like given the ignorant additional Views. However, the theme of the video was simple. The author was an avowed heathen who wanted all heathendom to pray to Odin to “save the white race.”

My first reaction was to snicker—chortle—then guffaw, and this is the best-case scenario that one would get from Odin when making such a request. Clearly, the person who made this video was a former Christian who thought that switching from Yahweh to Odin was just a matter of switching names and turning crosses upside down (to make them look like hammers—duh.)

So, let us begin: “Our All-Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name…”

Then there’s the whole racist ignorance problem. I’m not an Odin worshiper, but I work with spirits and gods. My experience and the experience of others I’ve read, suggests that skin color isn’t something spirits generally understand. Odin is from an old Indo-European line of gods, so his original worshipers were all brown skinned. They didn’t lose the tan until several millennia living in the North. There are stories of modern (dark skinned) African’s having encounters with Odin, and Anglo-Saxon North American Gardnerian-Witches channeling Orisha.

Race itself is a social construct that actually has little to do with skin color. Asking a god to intervene in a racial issue is like asking the Queen to decide which local Rugby team should get the first round of drinks at the neighborhood pub. The Queen is likely to decide in favor of the side that didn’t make such a stupid request.

The worst case scenario when asking Odin to save you from black people is that he “saves” you with enlightenment, and to get you enlightened he sends you a lot more pain—because you can’t find the Runes until you’ve hung from the Tree.

Now this gives me an idea for a great curse, I mean blessing. How about if someone asked Odin to “enlighten” all white people? Of course, he might not be able to tell the difference between the skin colors since we’re all orange anyway (from a painter’s point of view, all skin-tones are some shade of orange.)  In general though, this is something in Odin’s wheelhouse anyway, and he might find it amusing. Additionally, it feels like we’re due for a major painful enlightenment soon anyway, so the spell could “ride the tide” and be much more powerful than you’d think from a single spell caster. Also, when you include yourself in a spell it actually gets stronger, but then I enjoy enlightenment (remember the safe word is ‘Sleipnir’).

It’s just something to think about—bwhahaha.

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I think the main issue although portrayed trough skin colour is cultural, and in terms of what different cultures beliefs are, in as much as someone who has no intention of changing what they believe will be closed off to other cultural beliefs, they have no intention of changing what they believe however they expect others to change what they believe, which produces an out come of conflict, no better defined than in politics, left believe this is the right way, right believe something else is the right way and neither side seem to have any interest in working for the good of all, only for the good of their particular group of beliefs=conflict.

I believe conflict of this kind represents a kind of devolution not evolution, evolution amongst Humanity's will require being a lot more open minded, as opposed to closed minded.

"I don't take an esoteric or Neo Platonic view of this. We may be created equal, but we do not evolve as equals. So no, we are not all one".

So in this statement you pertain to a more materialistic view, when I say materialistic I mean like Newtonian physics by which mainstream modern medicine works from , the idea that there is mind and body but Newtonism does not bring conscious/spirit into the equation, in other words not connected, however when you observe scientific experiment like the split light experiment, where scientist literally had to change the way they were viewing things in terms of not connected, when the experiment was set up to observe light as a wave it was a wave, when the experiment was set up to view it as a particle it behaved as a particle, the scientists were left with something that really shocked them which was things are connected the light beam experiment proved that wave or otherwise it would be what it was being observed to be,  which would imply at least some degree of connectedness.

I'm not trying to change your mind because you come across as being closed off to anyone else having a point of view without resorting to insults, slieght, or positioning yourself as being intelligent and everyone else as being stupid.

If you cannot have a civilized discussion without resorting verbal abuse then you lose any argument you think you may have strait off the bat.

Great topic! If I may, i'd like to elaborate on this. The ideology that white supremacists and nationalists flock to is called Odinism, which was created by Occultist Guido Von List in Germany as the Völkisch movement was a hot item. (The Völkisch movement was a call to action to get Germany back to the old ways, which these practices included polyamory, vegetarianism, nudism, so on) His model was originally called Wotanism (Wotan meaning "Wisdom of the Aryan Nation"). This was an Occult practice that he claimed to have come to him in an UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis). He developed the idea that is very loosely based off of the Codex Regius and folklore that hyper focused on German Nationalism. There were two levels of membership to the List Society, first was that of being a Wotanist and the second was for the secret elect called Armenianism. Wotanism was for the common person while Armenianism was reserved only for those that List found to have the aptitude for the material and application. The List society was eventually disbanded by Karl Wiligut and Heinrich Himmler of the Thule Society (of course also being Nazi SS Officers) due to the fact that the List Society had ranking members that were Jewish. Wiligut claimed that the List Society and the Wotan/Armenian path was a false religion that did not reflect the intent of the Nazi Party. The Aryan concept arose from Helena Blavatsky's "The Divine Doctrine" that claimed the Aryan race was born of the Atlantean race, which this concept was adopted by many German occultists, to include the Thule Society. They cross referenced this information with "Germania", a book written by a Roman Senator named Tacitus as well as with various parts of European History. One of those historical parts is that of the Arian Germanic Tribe that practiced a form of Christianity that only taught of one God and nothing else, which was often protested by Roman Catholics. This was later adopted into "Positive Christianity" that used the same premise of "one God" and the concepts given by List were mixed in as well as Germanic and Slavic Iconography. This fusion created their ultra nationalist Religion of Blood that combined elements of Christianity, the Occult and Paganism. This of course led to the obsession with the Vikings and the modern belief that Vikings are an ethnic group. It's important to note that while none of what they practice is historically accurate by any means, followers of this Odinist path are taught that history is only a fable and that to ascend to Valhalla they must adhere to the nationalist principles of Wotan, of which they link directly to Odin.  They also claim that anyone who is not of Northern European decent cannot be "Heathen" because according to the Armenian tenants, only Armenians can call themselves Heathen as Heathen is their Identifier. Through this, they claim superiority over Germanic Paganism. They also base the center of their religion to be in the middle east and they claim the Middle East and everything along the Mediterranean Sea is theirs as well; which leads to their view of "muslim invaders".  Universalist Heathens typically follow three modern paths called Ásatrú (True to the Aesir), Vánatrú (True to the Vanir) and Forn Sid (The Old Ways) and Odinists have infiltrated all three in an attempt to seize superiority of it and scare away those they deem as impure or liberal (which is everyone that denounces their racist ideology). I have spoken about this topic in public forums and I have received death threats from Odinists to both myself and my family just because I spoke out against them. Naturally, Odin is not a race god nor does Nordic anything mean what the Odinists say it does since everything they stand for was robbed from various cultures and religions. Apologies for the information dump, and I hope you can find this information useful. 

A question is are you only dealing with the property of a culture--can you trademark Odin and keep him in your cultural pocket. Or, are you dealing with a god--in which case you have to deal with that god's personality and individual behavior. Cultural elements can suffer appropriation, but a god can't be appropriated. They go where they want and do as they will.

When dealing with a god, you can't say who is and isn't included as that's not your decision. If you're only dealing with a culture then a private community can certainly exclude anyone they want outside of public commerce.

Wow Pellani, your quite the dictator aren't you remove every thing you don't like, but ah there again you don't like anyone having their own perspective on anything thatS not in line with yours, maybe you should look at what happens to dictatorS in history, I haven't put a complaint in about you 'yet' because I Knew other people would, talking of take the hint pellani, most people want you out of this community.


And this is why I've moved away from Heathenry. Same old tired arguments and "you're racist I'm not racist" crap.

It will forever be stuck in this never ending cycle.

Oh and btw, best statement I've seen in a while: " Politics is a disease." 

Oh and btw, best statement I've seen in a while: " Politics is a disease."

I actually thought the same thing what a brilliant comment!

It's more than just the racism issue. If you are going to worship a god or goddess, then you should pay attention to who they are and not treat them the way the Christians treat Yahweh like the "super" in their apartment building. "Get over here quick! My toilet is overflowing!"

I'd like to point out that while people of color have been in Scandinavia for over 2000 yrs.

I'm sure there's a non-outdated article but its pretty hard to get around the "OMG a biologically female warrior!", articles.   

As someone who honors Odin, I'm embarrassed by those who think they can manipulate him.  Their actions affect how I'm treated.  Odin is a god who routinely goes out of his comfort zone as he wanders, learns, and interacts with different people.  He doesn't live in fear, he's even blood-brother to Loki, whose child is supposed to kill him, routinely wanders among the giants, and is willing to sacrifice himself in pursuit of knowledge. (it's hoe he lost his eye

He's not someone cowering because they can't come to terms with the fact that they don't live in a bubble or they don't understand that a minority of a population behaving badly doesn't mean the whole group is a threat.  .


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