1. How would you get rid of our oil dependency?

 2. What are you willing to sacrifice?

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i would ride a horse to work and spray a bottle of disinfectant every time it shits... and risk hurting my balls

 1. How would you get rid of our oil dependency?


Why get rid of oil what part of planes, plastics, and highways do you not understand?  Build 600 light water nuclear reactors in the United States, and build electric cars.  It is about time we stopped depending on oil for gasoline, thats so 1800's and we are the single most technologically advanced nation on the planet.  Its past time to move on, and engage electricity as a stable commodity.

 2. What are you willing to sacrifice?



Firewae I totally agree. What if we could utilize water for car fuel.?? Imagine that. Now that would be brilliant ! Maybe by next century somebody would have it figured out...

Maybe sucking the oil out of the ground is what's making the earthquakes bigger.  We're taking the lubrication from the planet!  We all understand the importance of lube;) 


Kind of kidding

i saw the other day on tv motorbikes....electric bikes that have charge stations in some of the bigger cities in texas. if we where to move my husband and i have opted to buy some electric bikes for riding around town and buying groceries ect.

if more people where willing to buy electric cars....those of whom dont need a truck and dont use the truck for work purposes. im pretty sure we wouldnt be having a problem with oil dependency. 


hehe..forcing fat lazy people to get rid of their cars and get onto bikes..kinda killing two birds with a stone attitude..No disrespects to fat lazy plp...


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