I call it nudity, I liek the word better.

Last night I finaly started working out. I've started jogging. But bot just regular jogging, barefoot jogging. I read this article that claime shoes weaken your ankles and arches. Because we were designed to be barefoot shoes do more harm than good, I'd reccomend you all start doing it.

So, anyway, my laundry isn't ready so I ate my steak naked. It was even better than I ever imagined it could be. Even the bowl I smoked was more enjoyable.

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That's cool dude, and I hear you.

Most everything is better naked...but don't fry bacon or BBQ naked, it never works out.


I'm way to protective of that region to risk it.
That's the mark of a true Southern woman who can fry bacon naked. (Myself included.)
I can fry anything while naked, it is a skilled art that I have almost mastered. Sometimes those you might hear me scream from some popping grease, then you just hear my husband burst out in laughter.
Woohoo, the eggs and bakey dance! LOL:P
cooking naked is fun

GIGGLE!!! Tequila tasting at 10AM in Mexico.....
Skyclad /naked is one thing.As a lifetime fitness professional,jogging barefoot will totally damage your shins,ankles,achilles,toes,muscle connectors,etc...but hey,do what you feel works for you..........
I was going to say the same thing, more or less. The key is to find shoes with the right kind of support for your feet. I remember in massage school we discussed barefoot and how it can actually flatten your arches and cause a lor of problems. We talked about it primarily because we all worked barefoot, working in socks made it difficult due to sliding on carpet and doing it in shoes kept our flexibility of our ankles down, but we discussed it because eveyorne has a different type of arch, some have high arches and other shav eflat arches adn depending on that depends on the kind of shoe needed. Going around barefoot isn't good at all and I'd really do my research before trusting some article someone wrote.

Anywho, now to add my two cents about being skyclad too, to keep on topic. I got used to being skyclad at school too. We had a hydrotherapy area that was fenced in with a sauna and a couple of outdoor showers. It was clothing optional after school hours and often times most students would go totally naked into the sauna. Though we had to sit on towels. Others ran around in just a towel around their waist, most of the girls didn't seem to care. I hung aroudn out there sunbathing and showering out there like that because it just felt so nice to be out there. School was a wonderful atmosphere for that thought, fater a while of seeing each other's bodies while massing anyway [sans breasts and genitalia] we just no longer cared.

Like someone said before, never cook bacon or anything with grease involved skyclad. I don't even do that without wearing a t-shirt at least, sometimes a sports bra, but that sitll results in too much skin showing and I've had a few pops spatter hot grease and oil on me. YOUCH!

There is something about being skyclad, our body is more aware of its surroudnings that way. Every itny hair on our body is able to feel the changes of temperature and the lisghtest change in breeze if there is any. It's a sensory network that usually get stifled by clothing. It' slike trying to do something that requires nimble fingers with a pair of winter gloves on, or rubber gloves, you can't really feel as well, then when you remove the glove its' like your fingers are super-sensitive and can feel the slightest things when touching stuff for a while.

The only time being skyclad isn'tcool is in th emiddle of winter in a cold room... then it sucks. LOL.
Common sense with skycladding for me too......hahaha


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